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    you could burn me at the stake

    use me as a dish rag

    so I write on the topic of pee

    my critics disagree with me

    I'm still holding my own

    holding hand to the pen

    won't you be my faithful friend

    until the end

    I will raise the bar higher

    seeking love's flamed desire

    giving cadence to the simple

    had to pop my pimple

    Mario love's everyone

    takes his time having a bit of fun

    has music in his skin

    fan the flame of reason

    attracts himself to positive people

    very often you will see him near the church steeple

    has written over 4,000 poems to date

    but this is not his fate

    learns from the best

    sees life as a test

    strong belief in Jesus

    it's in him he rests

    Mario is filled with happiness & laughter

    loves his many fans world wide

    he has nothing to hide

    for he can visibly see the other side

    when time will be no more

    when things become a blur

    he will exist as a vapor then am no more

    read his many pieces

    Has been diagnosed as both psychophrenic & bipolar

    yet he will not let that deter him from his passion in writing