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    5/14/18 ( Mario William Vitale Latest Poetry Pieces )
    on 5/14/18 I wrote on the topic of the heart and willing to share my poetry to the masses,
    here is a few of the works I created to be shared with the mass populace. I must say it took me a while to come up with these words. Let the reader understand every week I'm coming out with a series of poetic works. Im deeply humbled and willing to share these 5 exquisite pieces with you now :

    An Eclipse Of The Heart

    remember me in better days like these
    in the turning of the leaves
    in Idaho we can learn from years ago
    nestled in the faint of the wire

    life is but a mystery in a quaint tapestry
    what is one willing to achieve
    living in a land of make believe
    my heart runs in circles to and fro

    things you can learn from years ago
    shattered dreams filtered through the means

    Silence Of Cadence

    unlock the door of rescue
    the fool would only agree
    shaped through the dreams my ancient one

    the time will come again
    sift through the sips of wine
    dazzled from a great design
    through an austere bar

    you will go far
    in circumstance
    all to take a part in the dance

    Violet Eyes

    caged barbaric premise
    only a mystery
    falling through the leaves
    in cosmic tapestry

    living in a land of make believe
    in shattered dreams
    falling apart at the means
    to hold oneself up

    another book on the shelf
    we have come this far
    not to turn back now
    can't turn around when your hands on the plow

    Another Circumstance

    come away lady
    nothing ever shady
    may get a little bit crazy
    have your potatoes with gravy

    locked away
    the band will play
    shades of grey
    upon a shining hill

    draw bridge cheap thrill
    we shall know in advance
    another circumstance

    Broken Promises

    better to forget the night
    you lied helpless in fright
    looking for skin
    a newer way to begin

    you have become a closet queen
    living in a land so very mean
    onto so much more
    but then again what ?

    we throw off the silence
    drain the swamp
    shadows in the shining morn
    good as dead but soon your born

    if there's a rose it bare's a thorn
    lucks pervision is perverse
    it seems to work more in reverse

    Collective Tapestry II

    Words can uplift they also can bring down. With words we can soon discover a reason for being like the changing of the seasons. Out of every bit of circumstance we can learn to take part in the dance. Share with each other this notion of being alive to live another day. Giving cadence to the simple and clarity to the blind. Hope you enjoy my latest poetic pieces.

    The Modern Times
    having a Warhol moment
    in days filled with flames
    help light the way
    to choose to glare

    left on a barbed wire fence
    shattered dreams
    filtered through the means
    gives cadence to the simple

    the vast open door
    the willingness to explore

    Break The Mends

    shattered glass on the window

    a heros smile
    still to know all the great while

    words are grafted in so careful
    dig deeper then ever before

    look at the qaint little cottage near the village
    the notion of solemn tapestry
    sprag deeply
    love's motive for awe so much more

    A Hero's Smile

    came home from the war
    a salute to freedom
    to even the score
    he held his head down low

    to escape the vast undertow
    wallow through a time well spent in thought
    in austere flames
    a chance encounter to rearrange

    come a bit closer
    the wedding in the Nile
    walk the extra mile
    at moments he suffered in silence

    amidst all the violence
    wandering wandering
    captivated by a smile
    to know all the great while

    Love's fainting cry
    watch as Summer passes you by

    Remember Me

    remember me
    in times such as these
    beneath the strain of Autumn leaves
    the falling dew out on the grass

    no one gets by on any free pass
    share with others the time to last
    bask in the vast expanse between time & space

    the chance to radiate
    remember me through the passing breeze
    all of the delicate leaves
    lead away to heaven's door

    lest I implore another way of escape

    The Temptress

    she dances in a ring of fire
    yet throws off each challenge with a shrug
    nestled in her high healed abode
    let the truth be told

    to uplift this heavy load
    she glares out her window
    only to discover a reason for being
    perhaps it's in the changing of the season

    she listens in amazement
    savoring every moment in her thoughts

    In Heaven's Name

    emblems from the sky
    the sound of the faint lulabye

    out of a distant cry
    there is a great notion of thought
    the parting soul can't ever be bought
    visions inside my head

    to awake the dead
    shadows block the vortex
    energy from within

    aimlessly yet in one accord
    to dispel your every word
    look how beautiful is the Lord
    to envision God's holy word

    billows sweet billows
    gone on before us
    nothing to mysterious
    gives cadence to the simple

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