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    Be Ye Also Ready
    by Delores Thornton

    This month we will focus on submitting materials to the media. And we will also discuss sending information to websites, e-newsletters and the like. Keep in mind that the early bird still catches the worm! This will never be an outdated clich' in the literary world. You will find that you spend half of your time waiting on things to happen, and the other half of your time trying to hurry things along.

    It will be good to organize, and have everything at your fingertips so that you may get to it at a moment's notice. You should have a 50 word synopsis of your book; an author's bio with at least 50--100 words; author's photos (black and white as well as color); and a copy of your book cover on a disk.

    If you are not computer literate, and don't have a publicist, please contact a friend who can assist you with submitting photos and other vital info to the media. It is wise to be able to convert files as some people can't open some files. Some sites specify that they only want jpeg submissions, while others will accept zip files. In this highly competitive market you need to be experienced in all areas of promotion.

    When filling out interview questions on the Internet, make sure that you send the original questions back along with your replies. It is too time consuming to merge the two, and you just might miss out on your interview being listed.

    It is probably a good time to review your review kit. More than likely you have updated news clippings and have been featured on new websites. You might even have radio and television tapes that you'd like to include in your new review kits. Remember to keep your folder fresh and up to date!


    Marguerite Press June E-newsletter.

    Hello and welcome to this late edition of the Marguerite Press June E-
    newsletter. Sorry that we didn't have a newsletter for May, but there
    was just too much going on here at Marguerite Press. Please visit
    the website for the latest Marguerite Press Quarterly E-zine, at: have new sponsors,
    book reviews and interviews. Pardon the dust, we're still getting
    everything in order and will host a housewarming soon. Please be
    sure to participate in Juneteenth Celebrations this month!

    Inside This Edition:
    Old News, Current News and Good News! Poetry by Monique Fox, and
    words of inspiration from Mike Ramey.

    Old News:
    Delores Thornton traveled to Queens, New York, on Friday, May 3,
    2002. It was for the African American Authors Helping Authors, Inc.,
    SPA Awards. It was a complete success! And Marguerite Press held its
    own Small Press Awards as well.
    (See website:

    On Friday, May 31, 2002, Marguerite Press hosted a `Late Spring
    Literary Thing', at two Indianapolis branch libraries. The author
    panels were well attended and received media coverage.

    Current News:
    Thornton, along with friend (and president of Friend Gurlz Book Club)
    Lena Williams, is hosting an authors and poets showcase at Greater
    Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church 5502 East 38th. Street
    Indianapolis, IN., Pastor Rev. Joy Thornton. It will all be part of the
    church's Family Day Affair.

    Good News:
    Thornton is in the process of formatting her upcoming radio show to
    air on radio station 1310 AM on WTLC. Truly God is Good! The program
    will cover all aspects of publishing/self-publishing, and will have
    audience participation. It will also spotlight book clubs,
    booksellers, and authors, as the Marguerite Press Newsletter has done
    since 1999!

    ~By Monique Nicole Fox~

    I am restrained by God within me, beside me and around me
    I am kept in line and orderly

    I am confined by God's commandments, ordinances and laws
    I am forever in God's clutches, in God's hands, in God's paws

    I am in God's custody for life
    Now as a single woman and later on as someone's wife

    I am imprisoned by my daily faith and praise
    For the rest of my earthly days

    From The Manhood Line....

    If you write to me, I'll be with you in a few days;
    If you call me, I'll be with you in a few minutes,
    If you email me, I'll be with you in a few moments;
    But--if you pray for me;
    God will be with BOTH of us--YESTERDAY!

    From Mike Ramey

    Until next time!

    Delores Thornton
    Marguerite Press, CEO
    Founder AA-AHA, Inc.