Black Authors : Marguerite Press July E-news!


Feb 28, 2001
Hello, and welcome to this month's E-news!

Inside this edition:
Old News, Current News, Good News and Related News

Old News:
Delores Thornton announces that her radio show, 'A Round 2 It',
launched on July 4, 2002. It was an instant hit and Thornton has
received praises from around the nation. The emails were read over
the air on the July 11th show, so authors and well-wishers got their
names, books and/or companies mentioned! The taped segments are being
put on CD's and will be posted to Thornton's website
(, so stay tuned. If you're in the Indy area
tune in on Thursdays at 7:15 P.M. to WTLC AM 1310.

Lena Williams (the show's promoter)is busy compiling the lists of
upcoming guests for the show,and will be contacting authors,
publicists, agents, book sellers, book clubs and avid readers.
Contact the show at:

More Old News:
Friday July 5--5-8pm
Thornton was the featured guest of a new book club in Fort Wayne,
Indiana. The club, 'Reading With Stellar Women On The Move', held its
informational meeting during the Network@5 meeting (AA professionals
in the Fort Wayne area). Thornton's novel, Babe, is the club's first

Current News:

Wednesday August 14--12:50-1:30pm
Thornton will be a featured author at the BCALA Conference in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. (Thornton says, "My friend, Shirley Johnson, who
is the coordinator of the Author's Showcase, has asked me to spread
the word. Please don't come to the conference overdressed! Be as
casual as possible, there will be guards who will fine you if you
don't adhere to the warning").

Sunday August 18--3pm
Thornton travels to Cincinnati, Ohio, where her debut novel, Ida Mae,
is the featured book of the month. The book club, '3B' (3rd. Sunday-
Black Book Band) has members in 7 cities in the Cincy area who
travel to their meetings!
AA-AHA, Inc., is pleased to inform everyone that their, 2002 Fall
Catalog, is being coordinated! Make plans now to be included in this
marketing tool, that ships to AA bookstores, libraries and
universities. If you have a book you can't afford NOT to include it
in the full color catalog. Please contact them for pricing and other

Good News:
Thornton has finished the first draft of the highly anticipated,
Anybody Seen Junebug? Look for it in bookstores soon!

Related News:
AA-AHA, Inc., (African American Authors Helping Authors, Inc.)is
pleased to inform everyone that their, 2002 Fall Author's Catalog, is
being coordinated! Make plans now to be included in this marketing
tool, that ships to AA bookstores, libraries, book clubs,
Historically Black Colleges and distributors. Please contact AA-AHA,
Inc. for pricing and other information: If you
have a book you can't afford NOT to advertise it in this full color

More Related News:
The Friend Gurlz Book Club just finished reading, 'The Prodigal
Husband' by Jacquelin Thomas. Please add this title to your library
if you appreciate great works of fiction.

Thanks for reading our Marguerite Press July E-news!

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