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    Welcome to this edition of the Marguerite Press January E-news!

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    to: [email protected]

    Inside this edition:
    Old News
    Current News
    Good News
    Related News

    Old News:
    The radio show "A Round 2 It" ( with host, Delores Thornton, is off to a great start. Please listen in on Thursdays as she interviews exciting personalities like: Heather Covington, Denise Turney, Gloria Vaughn, Debra Kendall, Maxine Thompson, Francine Yates, Phyllis Adair-Ward, Tracy Price-Thompson, Timmothy McCann and many others. I was recently informed that Thursdays have become the day with the most listeners, thanks to all of you who've tuned in! And now we even have an "A Round 2 It" store from Cafepress, it's at the bottom of the radio page at:

    Older News:
    Marguerite Press is still in the process of detailing the packages
    for author promotion. More information will soon be available as the new websites are being designed.

    Current News:
    The Marguerite Press Yahoogroup has 3 new members: Shakti-Ma Barnhill, E.L. Hill, and Lillian Evans. We welcome them and wish them well.

    Marguerite Press Member News:

    Crystal Rhodes, author of the romanctic suspense novel "Sweet
    Sacrifice", signed copies of her book on Saturday, January 11,
    2003, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Danner's Books, 2902 W. White River Blvd. in Muncie, Indiana.

    Francine Yates, author of "Carrie O. And Me: What A Woman God Made" signed copies of her debut novel on Saturday, January 11, 2003, at Brightwood Library, Indianapolis, In.

    Crystal Rhodes and Francine Yates also have numerous signings at Indianapolis branch libraries in the coming weeks. If you're in the Metro-Indy area please check your newspapers for more information.

    ARE YOU MRS. OR MIS(S)UNDERSTOOD? By Margaret A. Donaldson Cobb. Margaret will be promoting her book in Louisville, Kentucky - January 17 - 19. She also reports that she has television and radio appearances scheduled for Kentucky.

    Good News:
    Marguerite Press is proud to announce that it has been chosen
    as "Site of the Month" at Delores
    Thornton has been selected "Best Reviewer of the Year 2002" at AND...Delores Thornton is featured in a slideshow
    on she's just above the picture of Oprah!

    Marguerite Press is proud to spotlight an AA business here in
    Indianapolis, that should be in demand right about now.

    ASISTA has combined several innovative ideas into one phenomenal company taking Indianapolis by storm. Three strong African-American women came together to own and operate ASISTA Resource Company with the purpose of giving back to the community.

    "ASISTA's goal is to create an avenue that can facilitate change in a most necessary way, such as increasing financial knowledge through our tax school and by sharing information, creating employment opportunities, closing the digital divide by making it possible for everyone to own a computer, and by helping small businesses get started on the right track with our business start-up assistance.

    Imagine…In the comfort of your own home, at a convenient time for you, your taxes can be completed with the possibility of a refund check immediately placed in your hand. No headache, no stress of waiting in line, waiting for your name (or number) to be called, only to realize you've forgotten one of your important papers at home on the table. Sounds too good to be true…THINK AGAIN! The best part is…they come to you at no extra cost.

    · Want your money fast (Rapid Refundä)?…They've got it!
    · Prefer direct deposit?…Not a problem!
    · How about a check printed out for you at your living room
    table?…They can do it!
    · Want your refund on a debit card?…Don't have a debit
    Get one from ASISTA!

    "Tax time is here and ASISTA has put a new spin on this time of
    the year. They're not only mobile, but they offer a FREE Deduction
    Finder Service and, as one of their clients, ASISTA will show you how to turn your everyday expenses into tax deductions. With over 20 years of bonafide experience in accounting and expert training, ASISTA is a must for everyone, no matter what your circumstance."

    · Did you know you were entitled to higher deductions this year?
    · Millions of tax refunds go undelivered by the IRS. Could
    yours be one of them?
    · Home ownership means less tax to pay…or does it?

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. Other services include
    accounting and bookkeeping service for businesses and organizations, computer sales for below average prices with inexpensive ASISTA financing, if necessary (everyone can be approved). They also offer business start-up assistance for those who want to start a business but are not quite sure how to start on the right track.

    ASISTA is truly a God given vision that took form, was handcrafted, and fine-tuned to break all barriers and prevail against any and all odds.

    Something for everyone…Let ASISTA help you.
    (317) 331-3901

    That's it, see you next month!

    Marguerite Press
    Bringing Those Issues Of Concern In THE Literary World!

    Watch for the book 'Anybody Seen Junebug?' coming February 2003!
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    we need more positive women

    like you in our community thank you

    i'll try to join this particular yahoo group

    i receive emails from people classifed in
    a category i don't even remember registering
    with i'm trying to de-activate it

    but i'll get the hang of it eventually

    peace :)