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    Marguerite Press August E-newsletter.

    Hello and welcome to this late edition of the Marguerite Press August
    E-newsletter. Please subscribe to receive future editions! Just send
    a blank email to: [email protected]
    There are still millions of things going on here at Marguerite Press
    and we pray that you enjoy this month's news. Please visit the
    website Marguerite Press Quarterly E-zine, at: We will have the fall
    updates soon, spotlighting new sponsors, book reviews with Lena
    Williams, and interviews. And you know we have our resident poet,
    Monique Fox, as well as our Inspirational Columnist, Reverend Mike
    Ramey, with his Manhood Line. Pardon the dust, we're still getting
    everything in order and will host a housewarming this fall!

    Inside This Edition:
    Old News, Current News and Good News! Related News! Marguerite Press

    Old News:
    A Round 2 It, a radio show that airs on radio station, WTLC--AM 1310
    The Light, is hosted by Delores Thornton. It is receiving rave
    reviews in Indy, and its guests have included, poets, authors,
    musicians and other entrepreneurs. Thornton offers publishing and
    marketing tips...AND authors and readers who send in emails have them
    read over the AIR! If you're an author and you haven't sent an email
    then get, A Round 2 It, now! Send to: [email protected].

    Current News:
    Marguerite Press Third Annual Fall Writers' Workshop. It will be held
    at Elevations Book & Coffee Shop on Saturday, October 12, 2002. Time
    is 9 AM until 3 PM. Cost is $55.00 and includes lunch. Thornton will
    go over the following forms; Copyrights, ABI, ISBN, SAN, Barcodes.
    She'll also cover the nuts and bolts of publishing with an emphasis
    on promotion and publicity. The workshop will also feature local
    poets, copy editors, book club members and networking.
    Contact Thornton at: [email protected]

    Good News:
    Marguerite Press is getting all of the information ready for its
    essay contest for Indy school children. This contest will award money
    and prizes, and the winner will read their essay live on the radio,
    and will also be featured in area newspapers and magazines. We are SO
    proud of our returning students and we'd like to spotlight their
    accomplishments! Area libraries and businesses are helping with this
    project, being spearheaded by Debra Kendall.

    Related News:
    African American Authors Helping Authors announces that its highly
    anticipated, Fall Writers Catalog will go to press soon. The souvenir
    edition, published last year was an outstanding success, and a hit
    with bookstores, book clubs and librarians around the nation. Visit
    the AHA site at: and click on the catalog to see
    sample pages from last years' catalog.

    Marguerite Press Book Shelf:
    No More Excuses by Tony Evans

    Upcoming Books:
    Lessons I Learned On My Way Home by Gloria Vaughn

    Life Without Background Music by Debra Kendall

    Anybody Seen Junebug? by Delores Thornton


    Please enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

    Copyright 2002 Marguerite Press
    Editor--Delores Thornton

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