Black People : Marcus Garvey Park Drummers,

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    for immediate release
    Marcus Garvey Park Drummers,
    July 2 2007

    Sat June 30 two white police officers approached drummers at 5th Ave Marcus Garvey park, at about 7:30pm, stating that they received complaints about the drumming being to loud.

    Two spokes persons, a man and woman, from the drummers organization told the officers, 'We have been drumming every week until nine p.m. for the last thirty years ', They asked the officers why were they coming now when it was only 7:30pm. The officers responded that the residents at 2005 5th Ave (across the street) had complained that the drumming was too loud. The drummers said “We will continue until 9 pmâ€.

    The policemen then called for reinforcement, when a car with a bar officer came , the drummers spokesperson continued along the lines of their right to drum, “it's our culture from Africa and the Caribbean†One women drummer said about the white residents. 'They have forced Black people out of Harlem to move here, they knew that we drum here every week, if they don't want to hear the drumming they should moveâ€

    Still another police car came, this time with lights, and about nine policemen. With the drummers, women, children and men around eighty people, the drummers resisted their position and continued to drum, while an assigned spokesperson talked to police offers.

    Across the street at Fifth Ave condo (124) the four white residents watched while the struggle continued. The drummers, dancers and crowd took out their cellphones and video cameras recording. After 25 minutes the police backed down and the drummers drummed louder as a protest and message to the white residents that they will fight for their African culture.

    Please join us next Saturday July 7th to help support the Marcus Garvey Park drummers in their struggle against the ongoing police harassment.

    Statement written by

    Johnnie Stevens
    By Phone :