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    “Provisional President of Africa” And Messiah


    By J.A. Rogers (Excerpts cited for commentary/review by A. Austin)

    This is the best essay on Marcus Garvey which appears in Volume 2 of World’s Great Men of Color. To understand the Nation of Islam you first need to understand Garvey. Elijah Poole (Muhammad) was a corporal in Garvey’s UNIA before he led the NOI in the 1930’s-1975 when he died.

    MARCUS GARVEY, ‘Back-to-Africa leader, was the most widely known of all the agitators for the rights of the Negro and one of the most phenomenal. Arriving in the United States poor and unknown, within four years he became the most talked-of black man in the United States and the West Indies, and perhaps in the world...

    Before he solicited funds for his ships he tried it with a school in the spirit of Tuskegee in Jamaica. (This sounds similar to Umar Johnson attempt on a Garvey/Frederick Douglass school (FDMG academy). The difference is he takes donations instead of selling it as stock). Garvey also had a problem with light-skinned people. We can see eerie traces of this in Umar’s new future school where girls can only wear their hair nappy or in braids in class.

    Africa for the Africans was his slogan. To carry out his program he said that ships were necessary and he founded the Black Star Line . Factories were to be established in the United States, the raw material of Africa and the West Indies was to be brought to America, manufactured there, and shipped back to those lands. The ships were also to be used to settle Negroes of the New World in Africa”… Louis Farrakhan and his NOI had plans to become the conduits or third party selling some of Africa’s raw materials to America (see Warning to the Government of America p.45-46). This plan failed due to China sucking up all of Africa’s resources at the expense of Africa.

    Garvey’s opponents at first had the upper hand and the Negroes shielded away from subscribing to his steamship stock, $10,000.000 of which had been issued at $5 a share. Then came an affair in which he nearly lost his life that turned the tide in his favor. A half-demented Negro pushed into his dingy office in Harlem, accused him of swindling his money, and fired four shots at him, wounding him slightly. He rushed out into the street, the blood of martyrdom streaming from his face. Newspapers over the country carried the story and he was a made-man. Farrakhan is very sensitive about his life almost to the point of paranoia and thinks that any and everybody that doesn’t like something he says is one step away from blowing his head off. He receives updated info in real time of any and all those who want to close his eyes from the police and FBI. There is no proof in his claims that the government desires to lock up this multi-millionaire in jail or prison.

    Thereafter his steamship stock sold rapidly. Some of his mistakes were selling stock for a ship he renamed from Orion to the Phyllis Wheatley when it was not technical his. The UNIA only put a deposit on it.

    Garvey had a hard on for mulattoes, Jews and wanted to create THE BLACK HOUSE for a black president. His followers were fanatics. One of them sent a chopped off hand to A. Philip Randolph, editor of the Messenger. When Minister Ray Hagins had some of his sound equipment stolen in St. Louis some hands were cut off by alleged NOI members. Garvey told the blackman that black skin was just as good as a white one, and even better. W.E. B. Dubois called Garvey a “Little, fat, black man; ugly but with intelligent eyes and a big head”. This reminds me of the movie School Daze with the dance fight between the good vs bad hair light vs dark. We can’t blame Dubois for taking down Garvey although he contributed to the climate. It was the UNIA own former members helping Hoover etal.

    Garvey’s endorsement of the Klan was the last straw to his opponents. Eight of them signed a petition to the Department of Justice, citing cases of violence committed by members of his organization, all of which, it was alleged, had been incited by Garvey himself. They quoted Section 3 article 5, of the constitution of his organization as proof that it encouraged lawlessness. This section read, ‘No one shall be received by the Potentate and his consort who has been convicted of felony, except such crime or felony was committed in the interest of the Universal Negro Improvement Association”. I could envision in the future the FDMG academy being hit up with a hate crime as it relates fiery rhetoric against them by their principal.

    After Garvey was convicted he said “**** the Jews” because Judge Mack was Jewish and one of the Directors of the NAACP from which Dubois was a member. And we all know about the three volume thesis between Jews and their disproportionate relationship with Blacks written by the NOI.

    Garvey was convicted in 1923 but his sentence was commuted by President Coolidge in 1927. Garvey had the biggest, baddest black organization ever assembled and ni,g,g.ers ruined it.

    In Conclusion I end with a Garvey poem

    Out of cold old Europe these white men came,

    From caves, dens and holes, without any fame,

    Eating their dead flesh and sucking their blood

    Relics of the Mediterranean flood

    Literature, science and art they stole

    After Africa had measured each pole

    Asia taught them what great learning was

    Now they frown upon what the coolie does-Marcus Garvey

    This sounds similar to the calypso beat of “White man heaven is a blackman’s hell” By Louis “The Charmer” Farrakhan.

    Those interested in donating to the future black pioneers of the FDMG academy write P.O. Box 6872 phila, Pa 19132 or