Black People Politics : Marco Rubio shows other Republicans how to respond to Black Lives Matter

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Humility,

Marco Rubio shows other Republicans how to respond to Black Lives Matter

... In a largely unnoticed appearance on Fox News's The Kelly File in August — resurfaced by Peter Beinart andJamelle Bouie on Wednesday — Sen. Marco Rubio gave a surprisingly strong response to the issues raised by Black Lives Matter that showed he not only views racial disparities in the criminal justice system as a real issue, but actually understands the roots of the problem ...

Clyde, I was surprised at his statement regarding BLM. But it does not matter what he says, he is a Republican a vote that way is a vote for white supremacy.

Without a doubt BlackTone, absolutely. If he didn't have Cuban roots, it would be even worse.

Mark Rubio is a young man

So this is not bound to be his only attempt at just winning his current parties presidential nomination etc

His candid comments are one thing

Him attempting to mislead blacks in general merely reflects his obvious personal opinions about us too

He actually only spoke briefly about the black lives matter backed protests in particular and that was just a clever ploy

Otherwise he was and is hyping the same ole b s aka states rights etc

And us basing so much on gender or race in general is a bad move

Some better off brown and black folk feel also feel and think far differently than we do here

So we also have to be more cautious and wary as we respond to new challenges too

I'm just trying to get my mind around your take on mark rubio etc

And you have already admitted to merely consider mark rubio the less offensive of those seeking the presidential nomination of the republican party etc

But what were his votes as a member of the Florida state legislature on stand your ground laws etc

To me that is far more relevant and significant as regards who we should also consider against or for our causes too



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