Sister's Only Chat : March 30, 2004: Sister Chat is ON tonight!

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    Greetings Sisters and thank you for your patience!

    Sister Chat is back on tonight and we hope to see you all there. Picking up where we left off 2 weeks ago, here's what we'll be discussing tonight:

    "Rites of Passage: When Daughters Become Women and What Their Mothers Tell Them"

    Sisters, I'm sure each of you can remember what it was like when you passed from childhood to womanhood. No matter how long ago it was, I'm sure each of us can recall with some detail the time, place and our reaction to the changes that took place in our bodies and minds as we became aware that there was something significantly different about us.

    Were you treated differently? Did you behave differently? Did you understand what was happening to you physically? Who helped you through the transition and what advice or "words of wisdom" did you receive? Was it your mother, aunt, sister or girlfriend? Did you read any material to help you learn or did you just "play by ear"? How did you tell your mother and what did she (or your guardian) say? Was your transition from childhood to womanhood relatively smooth for you or did you have a difficult time? When your body began to change from flat to curves, did you like the changes you saw or were you frightened or even ashamed?

    Mothers, what information and advice did you share or plan to share with your daughters about becoming a woman? What did your mothers tell you or who did you learn it from? For mothers that have gone through this already with daughters, if there is anything you could change about how you handled the situation, what would it be? Daughters, what would you have liked to hear your mother say or what did you wish she didn't say?

    Sisters, as you can see, we're going to get deep into this discussion and learn something about ourselves as we explore our womanhood and how we raise our daughters. What does it mean to be a woman and what responsibility do we take for passing information on to our daughters? What is our "mothering" style and where did we learn it from? In the community of motherhood, what can we learn from each other?

    See you all tonight!!

    Peace and blessings,
    Queenie :spinstar:
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    in your atmosphere...
    this would probably be a good sistah chat..but a sistah's mic and volume is messed up...iono what ima hope yall have fun, ima work somfin out...