Black Poetry : Maple Baptism - Collab by Bishop and MapleXtract


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Watching you, desiring you
I take you by the hand
Come my queen the bath is prepared
As we plunge into a caldron filled with maple
Sweet to the taste
Sticky and wet
As we envelope each other
We are joined together by this adhesive substance
Like a maple tree I put in my tap
And draw forth the maple sap that you have inside
To go with this bath we are submerged in
Back and forth we rock and ride
Stuck on and in each other
On a freaky high
Licking your breasts, neck and arms
Feeling you grow hotter
Your juices mingling with the flow of maple
Slowly we make love
Never separating
Because we can?t
I reach over
And grab a slice of strawberry swirl cheesecake
Rubbing it and dipping it
On and in your body
Feeding it to you
You and I
Taking a bite
Rush of sugar course through our veins
Supplying us with added energy?..

I am...
...with each,
seductively, forceful thrust.
I am...
...on the verge of receiving those, inevitable, internal explosions,
in which, continuously, cause that overbearing rush
of emotions;
immediately followed by the abundant release
of love's combination
of 'creamy' potions.
I am...
...a mixture of indescribable convulsions
and cheesecake spasms,
as a result of, multiples, upon multiples,
of-ironically-unending orgasms.
I am...
...removing strawberry swirl residue,
from lips that, undoubtedly, aided in perfecting
the very essence of you.
I have...
released... basking in the, blindingly, glowing aftermath
of having been...


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