Black Poetry : many times a plenty rhmesdon't hit the mark and onlinehe git to start over, go to schoolsit on a low stool at the bar coolorder a small meal and i


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May 11, 2006
many times a plenty rhymes
don't hit the mark and online
he git to start over, go to school
sit on a low stool at the bar cool
order a small meal and its all real
got a tall deal its crab night feel
good this reveal the hood eating habit
talk to chicks about dates for cake
full of fun when he pull one take
her home, this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH mind trip a lot
when he raps to a PUERTO RICIAN
chick mind be freaking quick even a deacon
in the church knows this he goes and kiss
her lips right in KROGERS and start to reminisce
from the hood and sweet so good to eat
he should speak to her tickle ready to dig deep
first must eat some pickle pig feet
HE SAID “LOOK BOO use smoking verbs
in my spoken words then be joking with nerds
this stuff fly like the birds
come out with rap
and trap some no doubt
this is very correct
in every respect
wear bling have illusions
must bring this to a conclusion
stay ready on his computer
ELM dream may meet FREDDY KRUEGER
Mad eat spinach too much
now have to add the finished touch
like what pop eye did in search
of olive oyl, girl this is raw
let me buy you a rose
and draw this affair to a close
we'll jest jump in the bed boo
NAW PLAYER,I'm a cutie in a skirt
and believe me my booty work
and my PUERTO RICIAN duty is to flirt
its fruity so she twerk butt her panties are
wet and stuff
you don't get to huff and puff
you all talk
and she's ready the call a halt
to this and leave this place
oh he jest squeezed her waist
then he kissed her lips right there in the store
he gets her tongue she move her thing galore
aw girl I don't want to cum
oh she say he went crazy from
day to dawn she say he was kissing
and stuff, things they must do reminiscing
he wore bling as dust flew from twisting
the mattress,oh she started to say stuff
oh a gown and a dress
walk around with breasts
oh lips red when
they like a head wind
blow a boy's mind
he go and enjoy rhyme
oh her dress is up
and her breasts been sucked
oh stuck in quote
and like a duck boat
float on water dope
like whales and face
all types of details lace
misplace he threw grace
get penny and nickel deals
now plenty vehicle with wheels
with an ice cream paint job tall
to Atlanta he fled on Santa's sled you all
plan wise and cool like a sanitized pool
clean love to swim
above the rim
oh lifting dress tails
like shifting gale
wind blow it up
and boys can see a do-nut
oh breasts a pair
in the fresh air
that's just poking milk
a boy hoping her guilt
leads to the bedroom
proceeds lips like red bloom
oh he was going crazy
and her thing flowing gravy
oh a shy abashed girl
could try flash the world
if she undue her bra
while sitting in a blue car
oh looking for a girl on a legit
search maybe a bit much just to hit
the skins
she have true pie and a brain
can't kiss all due to a migraine
oh her panties hot wet and fine
he wanna a shot of wine
she's in a red mini-skirt
wanna take her to bed do plenty work
her body look swell in silk
and it's well built
she stay home a lot
boyfriend strong as an ox
far as television he watch COX
she have wet lips
and he get to grip
her waist wants her to strip
she dodge the block
like its a large rock
must camouflage a lot
in the garage and shock
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May 11, 2006
Facts renown not dumb
he can never back down from
his words, they're dope aware hope
will elevate his game and devastate broke
brains, will eventually repair them so
he keep the heat on be street strong know
a light at the end of the rainbow
got things great in my cabinet
but can't break the habit
of looking at fine chicks
lot of things come to mind quick
my plans great
but have me in the hands of fate
see a KOREAN girl with the right stuff
so really tonight he wanna huff and puff
she has what it take
some butt and cake
“LOOK BOO I'm top notch
and ready to play hop scotch
so lets draw some squares
and get into raw affairs
he's a hot shop with a drop top
we can eat bulgogi and then car dar
cho-geei, you got swell hips
and he's well equipped
she must tell him to strip
girl have them oriental yellow thighs
and they sweaty and stay ready
so boo how about a cake date?
In PUSAN and TAEGU anticipate
we're gonna kiss and stuff late
nights doe feel the weight of a sword
yo hey there's weight on board
NAW PLAYER my panties stay wet
so play on playette
may have flown in a jet
tonight my menu
give me insight into
escape on date
have to run away
boys wanna have fun and play
got tons to say about that
at the bar a boy had me against
the wall so who you gonna call? Convince
he wanted some bad he jest kissed
her lips its and reminisce
it was a hot act
stopped her in her tracks
she wearing a miniskirt
oh gosh she's so hot down there
panties soaked


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May 11, 2006
oh gosh she's so hot down there
panties soaked juice around everywhere
well “OK BOO your lips red and sweet
so I'm ahead of the fleet
plus his menu is bright
on into the night
may as well continue the chase
to stay an infidel don't win the race
want far more advantages
go the SUBWAY and adore sandwiches
want frontiers and empires
over come fears and desires
the plot used is not smooth it
could lead to a rough road and split
brains like served water melons quit
stepping to this stiff, so boo you a fine
hot chick with chop sticks no crime
if boys stop quick jest to lick your body
now we in VIRGINIA BEACH the party
started so dearly departed lots of Bacardi
on the table, so boo my ride is outside
got a plan wise interior sanitize got pride
NAW PLAYER we here in the ghetto so
lets go I'm a thrill phat boo
but what good will that do
may as well take your lil hat off to
me, went to the car he kissed her lips
there in the parking lot her mind trips
your flow tall and unknown
but we can all go home
may have a love Jones
you could end up in this car alone

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