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    MANNEUS, THE SON OF LAZARUS: Other Typological Links

    By Andre Austin

    Dear Mr. Joe Atwill

    I reread your essay on The ***-Headed Christ in your masterpiece book Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah.

    I was thinking that some more additional Typology should be added to this anointing party and drunken madness. You have brought connections to Josephus writings in War of the Jews and the Gospels with :

    A. Manneus, son of Lazarus hauling dead bodies through the Jerusalem gates with Jesus triumphal entrance story of ***** (Mules) to transport the Passover meal of a butchered Lazarus see WOJ Book 5 chapter 13.6 & 7. You also cite “an unfortunate sexual innuendo” p.377 . I’m assuming necrophilia.

    I was considering that the Passover meal was symbolic of Lazarus’s Penis as symbolic Manna and that Manneus is a loose pun on Manna too. I started to have an hypothesis on this matter when I saw similar links with Revelations chapter 11:8-10 mentioning of Sodom and many dead bodies that go unburied just like in the Manneus, son of Lazarus story.

    In the Manneus story:

    1. They were anointing and drinking like in the days of Sodom were destroyed by thunder/lightning into a pile of dead bodies in WOJ Book 5 chapter 13.6 and 7. We know that Vespasian & Titus claimed descent from Venus/Lucifer and on coins Domitian claims to bring the thunder bolt which is mention in Rev 11: 18 as having destructive power. Luke 10: 18 states Satan/Venus/Lucifer fall like Lightning from heaven trample over snakes (Druids) and scorpions (Roman engine) and to overcome all the power of the enemy”. A clear description of Vespasian and Titus having power like God/Satan.

    2. The Number of the dead were “ the entire number of the poor that were dead were no fewer than six hundred thousand were thrown out at the gates, though still the number of the rest could not be discovered…those alive had to eat from dung hills”. I was alerted at this specific number being typological linked to the same number that left Egypt in the Exodus and had to resort to eating Manna for 40 years. The number is symbolic 600,000 but the precise number is cited as 603,550 in (numbers 1:1 and 46 and Exodus 38:26) matches Manneus number because they said it was more than 600,000. Jesus in John Chapter 6 states they ate Manna/Mushroom/Penis and died but invites people to eat him as manna and live. D.M. Murdock in her master piece work Did Moses Exist p.211-216,suggest the 600,000 is a mystical number borrowed from Khus or spirits of Egypt. The Khus/spirits were offered cakes/manna also a type of manna p.234-235.

    3. The next time manna is mentioned in the NT we come to a comedy skit of Jesus ministry being a parody of Titus and Domitian military campaign and Domitian hospitality. Maybe I can connect this all to the 144,000 (Rev 14:1) being symbolic of 144 cubit thick wall (Rev:21:17-20). These include decorated stones within this foundation. A black comedy joke is coming. To those that overcometh will be given manna (mushroom/penis) to eat with a white stone (Tombstone) in Rev 2:17 & Rev 3:20-21) We know it’s a penis because those at wedding dinner on Domitian robe and on his thigh (penis) he has his name written “king of kings lord of lords” then Cannibalism takes place (Rev 19:16-18) of people “small and great”.

    Dio Chrysostom (40-c 112Ad) describes one memorable meal with Domitian:

    “First he set a slab shaped like a gravestone engraved with each guest name next to them together with a small lamp like the ones that hang in tombs”(Dio 67.9). It’s the same black comedy in Revelations. In Martha Malamud Dining with Domitian in Statius Silvae she states:

    “The performance (of pygmies) following the spectacular meal provided by the Emperor Domitian thus, in a way typical of texts describing Saturnalia (Christmas) Feasts…of a meal, an unnatural meal, in which humans are the food”.

    4. We also have another Eleazar/Lazarus (a composite of other Lazarus) who is defeated at the battle of Masada (73AD) who invites a suicide pact of a Jim Jones Type of killing 960 souls because they were “effeminate” see WOJ book 7 chapter 8.7. I was concerned with this for two reason:

    A. The Gospel of john state Jesus was crucified on 13th of Nisan and arouse on the 15th. The 15th of Nisan 73AD is forty years to the day after Christ’s resurrection., from which Jesus predicted 40 year time span between these two events proving a back dating, back writing of the two works being aligned to create this effect. We should also note that Manneus, the son of Lazarus events occur in an interval between 14th day of Nisan (Falls in March-April) and the first day of Panemus (Tamuz).

    B. My other concern is with the continue persecution of gay people. As you know the climax of the Gospels is the killing of sinners (all sin) as a public example of the burning of sodomites see (2 Peter 2:6). I was concerned with this hypocrisy due to the three Emperors who commissioned the writing of the Gospels Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. With at least two , (66%), of them Titus and Domitian being certified and codified bi-sexual. This reaches the peak of irony and hypocrisy. And with I end with a pun: Do the people realy know how much they have been tricked in worshiping an A.SSS of a Sodomite who will kill you like they killed the ancient Sodomites???? I got to bail with the gospels and burn rubber, or better yet burn baby, burn.
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