Spoken Word : Manipulator

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    Dear manipulator of my heart
    If i had known it from the start
    That we would be apart becuz of these circumstances
    When i gave you all these chances
    For yourself to come clean
    I said i didn't know if i hated you i wasn't tryin to be mean
    But the thought of you playin' me
    And the things that you were saying to me
    I couldn't figure out what was true
    And how could i love you
    When you were lying from the get go
    If i had known i would have let go
    But you fooled me, comforted me with your words
    You had my ming halfway purged
    Not completely of all the lies, i still had my doubts
    Of the lies that came out of your mouth
    And you know it made no sense
    That i always had the suspense
    When you had your ego trippin'
    You didn't know it was rippin'
    ME apart at times
    What was once sweet now taste like limes
    But what can i say
    When you hurt me that day
    You decieved me twice
    I neva thought it was nice
    Since then i counted a a lot more
    Of all the things i wondered about and kept stored
    While all the time you were smiling
    When everything on my shoulders were piling
    Had the nerve to say i turned my back on you
    Turned my back on who
    When you were in the wrong
    And i was tryin' to be strong
    For us but i was blinded
    And let me keep you reminded
    You stole my heart like some theif in the night
    Thought allowing myself to love you would've been right
    Becuz you kept saying i was holding back
    You attacked and attacked
    Until i spilled out my guts
    and you made me nuts
    Turning me inside out
    Make me wanna shout
    But never that, Can't waste my last breath for you
    If it wasn't for that day you lied that statement would have been untrue
    Because you weren't genuine
    Just needed someone femine
    And guess what you made
    A young lady betrayed
    But it cost ya
    You lost everthing, a you, a me, and us
    Cause i put all my trust
    In you which neva existed
    Except on the fantasies listed:
    When all along i was never in love with "YOU".
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    very nice love to hear this, try putting it in a wave file
    so we can hear you , This forum we basicly upload
    short wave files instead of posting a flowz .