Black Poetry : Manchild in the Ghettoland

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    I hope he sees the promiseland
    Child grows with knowledge of survival, poor urban survival
    Giving wisdom to a boy a Manchild
    Child grows Manchild grows knowing the things the impoverished know
    Nah he don’t live alone he lives with Momma, brother, brother, sister and sisters’s baby
    And day begins the same as the previous with Manchild descending to the kitchen to see the scatter
    This child grows knowing the scatter…you know the games roaches play when you flip the lights on
    And after morning entertainment subsides it’s time to wake the rest of the household.
    Rise and shine, rise and shine another day in urban life

    Now momma’s in the kitchen preparing morning breakfast
    Grits and sugar (because it’s cheaper than cereal)
    Packing brown bag lunches peanut butter sandwiches
    (because financial conservation makes jelly obsolete)
    And a quick decision on what to prepare for evening dinner…chicken again
    What else did you expect

    While momma makes meal decisions, Manchild has already ascended to
    The pigsty he calls his bedroom to prepare for another day at school
    Wearing the same shirt and pants worn last week, but hey, it’s clean
    And who cares if it’s hand-me-down to hand-me-down to Manchild
    Momma always said there is someone in God’s dear earth that ain’t even
    Got hand-me-downs
    D*mn that’s poverty and poverty ain’t nothing to laugh at
    And yet daily Manchild listens to the ridicule and creative rhymes of his peers saying things like
    “Your momma’s on welfare, your daddy’s in jail,
    Your sister sells her body trying to raise his bail
    You got roaches in your Cornflakes, pease in your hair
    And I bet you even where hand-me-down underwear"

    Yet through all these things the child continues to grow and grow strong
    Though he may drink clear Kool-Aid…you know just sugar and water
    Though he may wear used clothing A.K.A. the hand-me-downs
    Though the life that surrounds him may seem so forlorn he grows and grows strong
    For when the pains appear from life and from peers Manchild learns to survive
    Making his first friends of blood, of family ties
    Befriending others who though they may be poor have strength of family, on these he does rely
    Manchild grows learning that only unity coupled with love of family, self knowledge
    Know ones own history, education spirituality are strengths of the nine keys
    The nine keys not just to succeed, but for true contentment real inner peace

    Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control
    Manchild in the Ghettoland

    I hope he sees the promiseland