Black Poetry : Man Tease...An Angelicsage & Triniti424 Collabo...:)

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    *yeah its long so if u aint down...thas yall lost cause my sista Angelicsage is bout to hit this off :wink:*

    He’s a what? “A Man Tease” let me explain…

    Traditionally, the term has applied to females
    but there’s a new bread of Man out there ladies
    and he’s…You guessed it a “Man Tease”…
    Using tactics of sensitivity to get women that
    wouldn’t ordinarily, even look his way…some might
    Say “he got game” but I say he’s about to be “slain”
    if he keeps stepping to me like that…
    Disrespect, is something I simply will not tolerate…

    So check this out…he’s always flashing his pearly whites
    And false intellect, which he just read up on the previous night
    pretending to be god fearing, a lover of children, ambitious,
    spontaneous with deep pockets, COMMITMENT DRIVEN?
    I don’t think so…

    Dangling his false image like cheese…So I say to him…
    Do I appear to be mouse like to you? Check yourself…
    What your tryin to slip into tonight is called a “Woman”
    and you have no idea what your about to get yourself into
    It’s survival of the fittest…stepping in my ring…

    I have an immaculate record of breaking backbones…
    The Bone Collector..they call me …Don’t come tip toeing
    around this web unless you’ve packed for a long stay
    so back up yo….check yo teasin at the do’
    make no mistake while your “flyin and buzzin” around
    my head, I’ve already developed game plan to break this
    bad habit of yours…gonna take your Lil’ heart and crush it…period.

    Stop tryin play a “Real Mans Game”, Magic retired his jersey
    Jordan’s already broke the records…and the Players Ball
    Ain’t going down again til next year…So guess what?
    Your zuit suit, sensitivity and clever mask of articulated intelligence
    Is “OUT OF SEASON”…So back up with the teasin

    Calling me from strange numbers, private messages,
    Voice mails with preludes of sexual innuendo…
    let me save you some time…”I only buy authentic…so take yo
    fake players card back to Wal-Mart…where the prices are falling
    But my standards are not…Your game… I’m not playing
    But My game your about to lose…I’m craftier than
    your finite mind can imagine ….
    put your “spine” on the table and you’ll lose it!

    Back up off me…Man Tease, I’ve got better things to do
    than “Break You”!

    yo sis…happened to you too!
    stepping to me like a man should never do
    oh I forgot you left ya manhood at the cornerstore
    and her door…and her door…and her door
    and the bedroom floor
    at the Motel 6
    clothed in a game so sick and pathetic
    it would take a mili-second to forget it
    Mr. Man Tease
    using false sensitivity
    to attract a sista…wrong stop mista
    cause me and my sista we are not the ones that you seek
    to be ya part time freak
    while you have a strong woman at home
    who wouldn’t condone
    to this blatant dismiss
    of the love she submits
    to you everyday
    disrespect... I wont tolerate either…
    thought u could fool my sista sage but u cant fool me neither

    flashin that smile
    at me only gets you “the green mile”
    and I’ll gladly flip the switch
    that gives you the twitch
    that sends you out the door
    cause I cant stand it any more
    stealin a few lines from “Essence” magazine
    to pretend to be the man of my dreams
    I don’t think so

    With your temporary image so recently assembled
    That everything is still out of place
    So I say to his face
    Look at me…theres more than you wish to see
    I am a “Woman” my soul I follow…
    I suggest u leave b4 u bite more than u can swallow
    keep messin’ around
    and there will be only 2 sounds
    My intellect hittin you… 1 round
    and ya game and ego hittin the cold ground

    My sista is the “bone collector” and they call me “the shinning”
    because when I’m through you’ll be whinning
    beggin “baby please…don’t leave”
    I don’t have to develop a game plan
    to disperse a simple man
    and his trifling ways
    while you're beggin me to stay
    Man tease...get out my way
    told you u would rue the day
    my sensation came your way
    leaving you a mess
    without even a touch or a caress

    yo sis did he just say hes an official of the players ball????
    didn’t u get the call?
    Pimps and playas eventually fall
    With nothing left to testify
    but a busted lip, black eye, and a phony alibi

    callin me from your cousins phone
    just to get me all alone
    emails and letters… let me help you out
    I am without a doubt
    that treasure you were never meant to have
    so go back to k-mart while their sale still lasts
    maybe you’ll find that cheap thrill
    for your teeny tiny toy drill
    do I look like I’m playin??
    u still weighin the possibilities
    but you are an IMPOSSIBILITY
    cause ya game lacks
    and you’re about to get cut down to size with my facts
    Yo sis pass me that ax

    *this has been a soul sistas production *

    Angelicsage (c) Copyright 2003
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    This was off the hook!

    Triniti /Sage> Y'all brought the straight message for the new millenium dating rules so tell em..."STEP OFF FOOLS!"
    No players, or wannabe's need apply
    and for sure not that "Manteaser guy".
    I say this for the record and I hope more willl read...the brother better throw in the towel and this battle we "Soul sista's with standards " just watch em bleeeeeeeed!:court: :court: :court:
    Blessings On Ya'lls House!
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    good lawwwwddd
    you done laid it out
    threw it down
    tossed it up
    rolled it around
    things to say
    there's nothing left
    cause you're right

    hee hee hee
    my sistahs, my sistahs
    this was so enjoyable and so so

    :blob fire: :blob fire: :blob fire: :blob fire:

    do it again! :D
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    Home is where the heart is, but my heart isn't her
    lol, I like I like...
  5. MzBlkAngel

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    i like go on head yall...
    break it down...
  6. $$RICH$$

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    well now .................
    done took to the highest court and judgement pass
    tyte flow
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    loudest lady in the back of the room yelling
    THEM MY GURLS.....WHAT????:blob fire:
  8. true love

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    much love, much love...hey i just broke up with this dude! lol...y'all really really ripped it, i loved this. much respect to both of y'all!
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    say what?
    you're not impressed with my pearly whites
    or my fake insight?
    [email protected]
    that ish worked last night...
    why ya'll so scared...i don't bite
    but i might
    hit then take a hike
    do you think i'm drop'n lines on ya'll
    well i am
    how could you not fall
    for the host of the players ball?
    my expertise is relax'n tight suga walls
    and expand'n jaws
    so i'm a tease
    just cause i like women
    and my pokets are deeper then atlantic seas
    but i do have a bone you can collect
    so check...but it might put a crook in ya neck
    oh yeah...i like night time shines too
    see we got something in common
    me and the both of you
    so why ya'll make'n it so hard to persue?
    in lue of sound'n redundant
    did i tell ya'll i run ish
    neva to be confused with da freak of the week
    so peep
    im da freak of da decade
    with more play then an arcade
    both ya'll play'n hard to get
    but that's ok
    pretty soon you'll fly my way
    they always do
    like bad kids see detention
    everyday in school
    my poppa told me once
    that everybody is a tool
    the harder you work
    the more you'll rule
    so sista leave dat axe at home
    i got sometin else to make you

    ya'll know i like start'n ish up...:)

    this collab is so :blob fire:
    that i had to talk some ish
    in hopes i could get some more...
    i love ya'll flow...
    it's like a jigsaw puzzle
    all da pieces fit...
  10. triniti424

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    lol aiight Mr.Man Tease

    do i look like I’m into dentistry?
    ya cheesin looks like a squirrel up in a tree
    tryin to get a free nut
    left out in the cold and hungry like “What?!?!”
    so it worked last night???
    for two minutes and 3.5 seconds you got it right?
    good for you
    now are you through?
    you must not have heard my sista when she said “no time for you”
    drop all the lines you got, yeah all 3
    keep re-arrangin them but I can still see
    that you are nothing to be concerned with
    I would knock ya to the dirt but that would be a lift
    for a brotha like your type
    wishin you could get it right
    try as u might
    all u gon get is new insight
    you don’t bite…papi i do
    nibble too
    but that’s somethin you’ll neva be put through
    host of the playas ball?
    Ahh yes
    I must confess
    I know something you don’t
    all you playas are brothas who WONT
    eva be able to aquire a Queen
    like my sista and me
    you like women…I don’t like men…I love my kings
    made of the finer things
    that arent replicable
    and you arent acceptable
    how can u be freak of the decade
    wit game thinner then lemonade
    you think with a few words
    you can catch us like the birds
    but this just in
    shhh you listenin
    you just been shot down
    by 2 queens each their own crown
    oh and uhhh ya “bone” looks like a lil toy lincoln log
    we save all our leftovers for the dogs