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    Nothing suprises me... Nothing. I have watched in glee how Whites and their black menions have rallied around Rush Limbaugh to make defunct the truth that although the statement he made about Donovan McNabb (who is by the way handsome when he wears a skull cap); may not have been racist...and may very well have been racial--but coming out the dead mind of a Nazi Zealot-like Rush Limbaugh was intended to be racist.
    Why should they keep bringing up the point that 2 other blacks were on the panel and were silent---when another one of their continuous attacks on Black America...(By Whites and their Black Menions) that Black men are pathetic and weak????

    If he wasn't trying to be racist it would have been easy to say,
    "I think that Donovan McNabb is and have been overrated as a quarterback--and the defense is what really makes the team what it is." ?????


    As I was reading through the African-American Newspapers and Magazines on the web last night, I ran across an article that reported that Pat Robertson, 700 Club, remember Black Ben who used to laugh all day long.... Yeah, Pat Robertson, when running for president and found out to be a racist and a liar to boot and then was walking around like a zombie, not remebering things that he had said like 1 minute before--do any of you remember that, I had a ball when I would throw that little gem at my Mother, because like many of our Mothers she is very religious, and a true believer---And I was like, "See Ma, I told you that that man was evil..." and had similiar scenes when Jerry Falwell would routinely do the Devil's work...(LOL)

    Anyway, he said that Rush was right because an actor like Morgan Freeman, started off "Driving Miss Daisy" and then he was fighting Aliens (or something to that effect) and now he is The President of the United States...

    If that doesn't tell you anything, or provide further proof that we live in a racist country, that Blacks are under attack by racist each and everyday, and that we must come together nothing will (.)

    I will try to find the article and paste the address for you all; I don't know which paper it was in, but if any of you do, please post it for me... Thanks---it was one of the papers listed in
    African-American Newspapers...

    Later--I gotta go vote.