Black People : Man Confesses In Oakland Editor Shooting

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    Man Confesses In Oakland Editor Shooting

    NATIONAL, Aug. 7 - The 19-year-old suspect was affiliated with a Black Muslim group A man arrested in the Oakland editor shooting has confessed. Police arrested 19-year-old Devaughndre Broussard Friday in connection with the brazen daytime murder of a journalist, whom colleagues said was working on a story about the group.

    They believed Broussard was the masked man who shot 57-year-old Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey on Thursday as the journalist walked to work. Broussard confessed, telling police he murdered Bailey because he was upset with articles Bailey wrote about the Muslim bakery, where he worked as a handyman.

    Broussard was one of seven people arrested in a Friday raid on the Your Black Muslim Bakery organization, which consists of a chain of bakeries, a security service, a school and other businesses. Police said they recovered a gun during the raid linked to Bailey’s slaying. Another suspect arrested was Yusef Bey IV, son of the organization’s founder.

    He and the others were suspected of involvement in two older murders and a kidnapping that had been under investigation for the past year, police said. The arrests marked a bloody four years since the death of Your Black Muslim Bakery’s founder, Dr. Yusuf Bey, who opened his doors nearly 40 years ago hoping to inspire Oakland’s poor to become “respectable and productive individuals.”

    The bakery has long given ex-convicts places to work after being released from prison.