Black Poetry : Man and the Virtuous Women

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    Man and the Virtuous Women
    By Jacqueline Amos

    Men who respect the values of women.
    A woman is an honor to her man.
    Spirituality is the gift, a reward of all man.
    Women who walk with honor,
    backbone to her mans dreams,
    Will always be the blessing of an ordain heart.

    Man is not the outhouse of free love,
    He respects women who cherish her body,
    and not intimidated by using the word no.
    A man was to lead by God,
    giving him the respect of his household,
    be careful what you ask for,
    your right hand will hit you in the face,
    the eyes and the warrior of his family tree.

    Why must women, play this equal game,
    when man is the warrior of his turf,
    and the provider of his family tree.
    This has taken away the identity,
    that man must lead,
    Women cry lonely without a king,
    A house is not a home,
    and material things will not substitute,
    the boundaries of love.

    Women who play the role of man,
    loose the identity of her womanhood,
    trying to claim the title of man,
    as those who try to claim God's stool .
    A man the life line, and the women ,
    the incubation of his dreams,
    Oh the bellowing sounds of lonely,
    that creeps through the doors of women.

    Who lives alone, and cries through the night,
    holding her pillow tight,
    Raising her children alone,
    and the sins that fall upon her family tree,
    Man is the gift from God,
    And must continue to lead,
    Sex before marriage, oh the great sin,
    As Adam an Eve, the bite from life,
    Now women wonder why,
    the respect no longer resides in there temple,
    free fruits of the earth.
    Wearing there dresses up there as-,
    Men will play, but never take you home,
    to meet mother, the out house,
    to his pleasures and wants.

    The women of honor will be his wives.
    Things that are tarnished ,
    will not be honored by God,
    I the breath, I the eyes, I the shoulder,
    I the laughter, I the warrior, I the leader,
    I the man, I the provider.
    I the legacy of God’s order.
    Marriage no longer a sanctuary,
    of God’s words of truth, Women cry why man,
    will not marry, Men came from the womb,
    There is a difference between boys an great man.

    It is a none fact that bad boys love good girls,
    is this honor, are is it destruction to her temple?
    are turf, any thing goes she says,
    after the outhouse affairs,
    he disappears, women wonder why,
    he will no longer call.

    Disgrace to men,
    The effect of all women wear the curse,
    even when her temple is clean,
    she feels the pain. Babies born out of wed lock,
    women wonder why men run,
    and flee, if she would have waited,
    he could have been her king,
    women take responsibility for this curse,
    babies don’t hold men,
    when it is not birth in honor of mans name,
    she sit in pain, waiting for the next,
    to make the same mistake, listen as I speak.
    Loving a man, who shows no honor to her turf,
    wanting the world to save her from disgrace,
    playing on others for sympathy,
    when she can just pick up an leave,
    crying oh how she love thee.
    No the difference between a man and a boy.
    Man repeat the same mistakes,
    left with a broken heart,
    If women humble herself ,
    she would no the truth,
    the devil always tell on his self,
    if women would be her self,
    an humble, and stop trying to empress.

    Women who educate the mind,
    and the common sense is left behind,
    and all that Is left, is an educated fool,
    a women without respect to self,
    will always be the outhouse to mans repeat,
    respect your self, never deny your self of a mind,
    it will be your children’s, curse for life,
    what ever control your mind,
    will control your destiny,
    never live through man’s eyes,
    unless he bless you with his name,
    and hope chest.

    Fear not the truth, Respect, Morals,
    Principals, Love, Honor, must be address,
    all components are necessary, l
    ove through a mans eyes,
    Man who sale his soul to the world,
    is a man who walk without honor,
    to his own self worth,
    A man looks for a virtuous women,
    to wear his name.

    There are great men, never be trapped by the curse.
    The identy of honor shall stand in its own place.
    The like of dignity shall hit one in the face.
    No the man when you see him.
    Don't be trick by the mask who comes
    in a warriors face.

    Copywriter 2002
    I am women, I come in all colors an shades, respect my name, the scars will fall upon women, of the earth.
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    Truth shall not be silence. It is not what you want to hear, but what it is. Man that lives in darkness shall always ignore truth.
    Knowledge shall always be intimadated by darkness. It is not the fancy words but the deliverance of truth. Bondage shall never be broken until the sanctuary of Gods request be herd. Took the chains of mans hand, took the chains of man feet, never took the chains of man's mind. I the ancestors daughter of deliverance shall speak words of wisdom, my sisters as I have felt the pain of many men ignorance. The chains shall be broken that the new generation shall not make the same mistake. I the black women the warrior of my foundation knows where my voice belongs. Women have worn the scars on there back much to long.