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What would you do if your baby's father had other kids and ignored yours?

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  1. Put his butt on child support

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  2. Nothing... who cares?

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  3. Talk to him about it

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  4. Move on

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    There is nothing more important to us than our children. A real mother's love is so unconditional it goes beyond fantasy. But, what is wrong when daddy dosen't want to be responsible and take care of his kids. If your baby's father did not want to take care of his first child and then went out and got 2 or three more kids would you be mad? Would you just ignore his ignorance and take on the role as both mama and daddy. Its hard to say what you would do, because that is something hard to deal with. Alot of men will argue that they have the right to do whatever they want, because they are grown. We think its wrong because an innocent child is involved.

    This is old news, daddy not being present to help raise children is not an uncommon event in today's society. And as sad as it is Black men are more likely to do a disappearing act when it comes to playing daddy. A lot of people stress that this is why marriage should be present before kids are brought into a situation. This is not always a good solution, because sometimes even then Daddy will disappear. So what is a woman to do when daddy goes out and has more children who he spends time with, ignoring the first born. Move on? Key solution and better said than done. Even though it hurts to see your child being ignored, and what do you tell them when they ask "where's daddy?"

    Its hard to tell a child their daddy dosen't want them. How do you stand in front of your child and tell them their daddy dosen't love them? You don't. Just make sure your child knows that you love them and that you will always be there for them. If they have a step father, include him as well. My daughter is only two years old, and she really does not understand that my husband is not her biological father. She really dosen't care, as long as he keeps giving her warm hugs and attention. Someone asked me the other day, "your two children have different fathers aren't you afraid that they will grow up and resent you?"

    To me it was a stupid question, and I would love nothing more than to pretend my Ex never exsisted. But there will come a day when we have to tell my daughter Daddy....ain't really daddy. I don't know how she'll take it, but in my heart I know who her real daddy is. And just because he didnt help make her dosent mean his love is no good.