Black Poetry : Mama, where were you?

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    da south............ATL
    Mama, where were you in times of need?
    When I was put away in home and them people were fondling me
    I had no clothes that fit but them people were paid to care for me
    I had nothing of my own, it was a messed up life for me
    You see.......
    I HAD to leave
    After that I was on my own
    I was running down the wrong path, young, but I was GROWN
    Had to grow up fast cuz I was alone
    The streets was no place for me.......mama where were you?
    You took to that pipe
    And while you were meeting scotty.....I was being raped
    And when I decided to shoot the man raping me, do you know "I" was the one that got sent upstate?
    Naw, but wait......
    That aint even close to being the end of the story
    Mama where were you?
    After the rape I was pregnant with a baby
    Dont even know what it was cuz the doctors in the pen didn't really care for me
    Didn't care to ask a name or who could possibly take care of this baby
    So yea, you a grandma... but who cares cuz you didn't even take care of ME
    You see...
    Mama I really needed you!!!!!
    Locked behind bars I was worried about you
    Were you worried about me or just worrying about you?
    I was at my lowest and I STILL prayed just one time I could see you
    I never i never will.....mama where were you?

    Michelle Frazier