Chief Elder Osiris : Malik ZuLu Shabazz And Russell Simmons Quarrel

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Dear beloved, this article below is a prime example of how deep the division is among Black Folks across the Black social / economic stratum.

    We seem to get caught up in gangsta domestic squabbles that can only end up in somebody ego getting so bruised to the point violent erupt and the only thing that win in these situation is this racist system.

    When will we ever learn, as long as we settle for being just civil rights fire fighters in america, such a job is open ended and carry no benefits that is associated with freedom and Justice for the Black Woman and Man in america.

    It does not matter if your job is lawyer, Hip Hopper, political candidate, or Civil Rights Hustler or any of the other Black professions linked to this Racist system operated by the controllers of such a system in and is of america.

    Every Black Woman and Man in america is expendable,regardless of our social / economic status and such an absent will not affect the way america operate or her attitude and behavior toward Black Folks in america.

    As the Kerner Report stated in the late seventies or early eighties, there are two america, one White and One Black and the Black one serve to do the bidding of the White one, which dominate and control, all else under its authority and the same hold true today, about america and the Black Condition.

    So somebody tell me, where is this seeming developing strife is leading to and whom will it profit, because it most certainly do not serve to the advantage of Black Folks as a whole unit and such seem not to be of interest to certain imitational class of Black Folks in america.

    The pain of poverty has been with us every since we got here in america and individual gain only serve to fester the wound of poverty among us and generate false hope among us in america in term of what look to be available to us,if only we bend over lower enough so that we can pull ourselves up by our boot straps, thus making Black Folks liking to the donkey and the carrot, salivating for it as it see it but is never able to reach it and only now and then will someone come along and give it a carrot to keep the taste and desire for it fresh in its mind.

    How foolish, gullible and down right individual selfish have we become to the extent that it serve to become the detriment to the whole unit of us Black Folks in america, who now take great pleasure in calling ourselves americans, Racist to the Core that she is, toward Black people in her midst.

    Will the so call Black Aristocracy ever come to use their own thoughts in order to develop their own mind about what is the solution to the Black Woman and Man problem in america, instead of serving to be an added burden to the Black Mind in america ?

    There is no solution to the Black Woman and Man problem in america which change our present condition, the cycle of our oppression is fixed in america and to make claim other wise defies Time and our experience with it in america.

    Black Folks should care less what Eminem think or does and not to think less, only give added value to what he think and does in regard to Black People.

    We are either for getting our Hue - Man Rights Respected and obtaining our Freedom, Justice and Independence or we are satisfied with playing the role of the Crabs in the Bucket, with every now and then a few is allowed to reach the bucket rim.

    Until the issue of Reparation/Repatriation and Nation State Status, back in our Home Land Africa, become the battle cry of Africans in the Diaspora, here by way of the Middle Passage, regardless of our so call place we occupy in the Black Stratum in america and the other part of the Diaspora, what you see brewing below, will be a continuation of the Black attitude and behavior toward each other and any claim of interest of the Black Masses condition of poverty and neglect, become as sounding Brass and a Tinkling Symbol, all noise without constructive action that will lead away from the source that is causing our oppressed condition.

    Black Folks have reached a Time in Life where it is Time to condemn the Lie and Elevate the Truth about our condition and relationship to each other, which is far from a Sister and Brother attractive relationship, anything less will cause us to act as the article below is so revealing.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Chief Elder
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - African Inter'National Movement

    Author of the controversial book,Lies About God.
    For information concerning this book, please contact Mr Robert Miller, Voices Of Truth Publisher at [email protected]