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Feb 19, 2001
cursed heart said:
Excuse me?
Are you on yours?
The fact that you are very rude and ignorant to even ask me such a juvenile and personal question shows me that you will forever be single without children and as a single woman/mother who hopes she never ever runs into you,


I am a successful young beautiful black woman and mother ,I'm not asking you to help me raise my child because I've done so without the likes of you!
I have my daughter and my daughter has me and if there are more men out there like you, we will continue to just have each other!
She eats without you
sleeps without you
loves without you
clothed without you
reads,writes and learns without you
plays,laughs,smiles without you.
And she will continue to grow without you

So do I need you to be her father no!!!!!!!!!
Would it be nice to have a positive father figure,possible husband ?
YES but I don't need you.
I need water,air,food.
But you baby, I can live without!!!!!!!!!!
From your writings, yes you were/are. And for the record, I am a single parent father. If we were just dating, you wouldnt deal with my son at all

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Sisters ... don't let Kemetsry upset your nerves. He's always been this way. Actually, he used to be much worse.

It seems with him being an Elder, he'd be more able to talk to people in a decent and respectful manner, that elicits growth instead of disdain ... but he's just not there yet.

Perhaps if we ignore him, his ugly comments against women and men ... comments that do nothing to instill growth, but instead attempt to shame people for partaking in acts that are very natural, given to us from God ... well ... if we ignore him, perhaps he'll get the message, recognize where he is, and give us the wisdom that i believe is within him, in a manner that is productive and kind.

We can hope Sisters ... just like we hope those Brothers who create babies will take care of them ... just like we hope Sisters will choose carefully who they allow inside of them ... we can hope that those Elders in our community, with the knowledge and wisdom to guide us to better places ... will do that in the best of manners.

For the terrible condition our people are in now ... all are needed.




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Oct 21, 2005
There is no argument. It is unrealistic to demand a man carry your baggage from another relationship. And if you cant see that, I'm not the impossible one here
And for the record, I am a single parent father.

You obviously have a problem with single mothers if you deem children from a previous relationship as baggage. SMH. Don't deal with single mothers. Maybe you date single mothers because a childless woman will not accept you being a single father. Don't project your rejection onto us. Don't spread misery; can it!



cursed heart

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Jan 12, 2006
Kemetstry said:
From your writings, yes you were/are. And for the record, I am a single parent father. If we were just dating, you wouldnt deal with my son at all
It's only because you are afraid they will get attached to her, which means you might have to keep her around, which means you might have to commit to a woman.
If you ask me you are not ready for a relationship.:darts:


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Apr 16, 2003
...down south...
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Kemetstry said:
If you werent ready, then why were you having unprotected sex with someone you werent ready to commit to? And why, being raised the way you were, dont you realize why a chaste woman is place on a pedastal?????
Don't you realize that people make mistakes in life?????
i am sure there have been mistakes you have made in the past. or are you saying that your perfect? i'm am sure there are somethings in your life that you had to learn from or some stupid mistakes that u made....
and in my opinion it doesn't matter what mistakes you make, what matters is how you learn and grow from them. i was going through life thinking i was invincible like women think sometimes, i don't drink, or smoke, or curse, and i stayed a virgin for awhile, but i fell into the hype of sex and i made a stupid decision. At the same time, i found the love of my life and have a gorgeous daughter, so in a way i got a blessing in disguise. Yes i admit that i shouldn't have been having unprotected sex and based upon the way i was raised i admit i regreted becoming pregnant at first. i was sheltered alot as a child with very strict parents, so when i got a little freedom, i took it too far. But i have the most supportive and loving family,friends, and a father who loves me and is proud of me for going through with my pregnancy and growing into a woman. my mistakes have made me sooo much stronger as a woman. i know that my heavenly Father has forgiven my sins and he loves me no matter what despite my faults. so you can judge me and you can think whatever you want to. but none of us are perfect and i have learned from my mistake, but now i wouldn't even call it a mistake. i have been blessed. i ran away from God for awhile, and he had to take drastic measures to bring me back, but i'm back and i'm happy.

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