Black Muslims : Malcolm X's Associate Speaks at Lincoln U: Devastating Critique of Black Self-Hatred

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    April 9: It was a great day at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Known as James67XWarden when he was in the Nation of Islam and James Monroe King Warden when he was at Lincoln University, now in his eighties he is simply Abdur Razzaq. He spoke to several audiences. He was closely associated with Malcolm and served him in his last years. Abdur Razzaq attracted tremendous attention as he spoke hour after hour on a whole spectrum of issues. With his white beard and Islamic cap, he was a mystery for Lincoln students but once he got going, he touched the hearts and souls of students on issues they often think of and try to solve.
    Br. Abdur Razzaq has a story telling style, somewhat like the griots in west Africa, so its not easy to sum up his message. He was soon seen as one of "us." He had studied at Lincoln and had studied under some of the people after whom the buildings are named. He taught that young people should understand the impact of 400 years of slavery. Descendants of slaves are not like other people. They have undergone the most traumatic experience in human history and the suffering is in their souls.
    Young people should not be slotting themselves merely as the entertainers and sportsmen whom America wants them to be.
    African American men need to take leadership roles and not be waiting to be led by women or by the "White" culture, he said. .
    [Thanks go to Dr. Leaman, Department of Religion, for discovering Abdur Razzaq and bringing him to Lincoln.]