Black People : Malcolm X would have been legally assasinated in todays world

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    Now that there is an executive order for the CIA to be able to without due cause assasinate any US citizen, once they leave the US borders.

    Today is the anniversary of the assination of El Hajj Malik Shabazz by the state.

    His close friend and associate, Louis Lomax recalss that Malcolm had told him , that it was "John" who said he was to be killed,
    ("To Kill a Black Man" by Louis Lomax)
    but most to this day understand that secretary John Ali was a deep mole of the FBI inside the nation.

    It was mentioned by OAAU members that although the NYPD had a very visible uniformed prsence not olny around but laso inside the Audobon every time Malcolm spoke or held OAAU symposiums,
    this fatefull day not one could be seen for blocks.

    This important and insightful documentary made years ago on this annnversary at the Audobon, featuring, those closest to Malcolm in the OAAU , gov whistleblower John judge, and Sister Cynthia McKenney, will go into depth regading, the facts on that fatefull day

    please listen carefully as to what porfessor James Smalls states was the main reason why Malcolm was assasinated and how we cannot let his struggle for our collective benefit

    be in vain