Black People : Malcolm X, and his advise regarding Black primary voting strategy

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    1. He stated that we should have a clear cut collective agenda to be presented before any candidate.

    2. Now some may bristle about this but check his wisdom;
    he said we should be 50% 50% republican and democrat in each state,
    Not in order to make us subservient to party intersts, but work united for Black intersts and use the two parties against each other for our own Black collective advantage,
    only recognizing our party differences as a tool for the primary booth!

    In other words no more Tom republicans or go along to gt along democrats but a united voting Black of conscience Black minds,
    voting for a united and agreed upon Black agenda.

    If there was a republican candidate antagonistic to our intersts and had a good chance against a democrat,

    then we would block vote the weaker one into office to guarantee the democrat, win and visa versa,

    as well as the strategy of coalescing behind a candidate that is binded to our agenda.

    He went at great length back then to mention even at that time how few Americans voted during the primary and that if we came out in massive numbers we could tip the scale.