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    Born 1984 in Paris, France to Qubilah Shabazz 2nd daughter of slain Malcolm X.

    Death by homicide May 9, 2013 in Mexico

    By A. Austin

    1. Went to Mexico with 2-4 people to pick up money was he robbed?

    2. He resided in apartment/hotel near a bar

    3. Video tape at bar lost or destroyed

    4. Rare for Americans to be killed in Mexico

    5. Beat by bats or blunt objects not shot or thrown off roof

    6. The bar killed near was known to engage in Human trafficking with police overlooking.

    Other facts:

    1. FBI prevented Malcolm Shabazz from traveling to Iran. Shabazz was to speak at conference on Hollywood’s immorality.

    2. Malcolm Shabazz was in alliance with Fred Hampton’s Sr son Hampton Jr. Hampton was a member of the Black Panthers until the Chicago police gunned him down.

    3. In alliance with Alfred Daniel King’s (AD) daughter. AD was the brother of Martin Luther King. As a child AD was a daredevil and as a grown man had the ability to stop rioters with a megaphone. He died one year after his brother in 1969. Some say he was killed.

    4. Shabazz mother tried to pay a hitman to kill Farrakhan in 1994/5 on the eve of the MMM.

    It would be wrong to characterize Shabazz/King alliance with the supposed alliance between King/X who were going to unite in March of 1965 at the United Nations on human rights abuse. The FBI knew the NOI wanted X dead before Saviors day Convention February 23-26 so the FBI sent King a letter and sex tape giving him 90 days to commit suicide.

    The FBI didn’t want an alliance between blacks with King in the South and X in the North. The FBI/CIA did kill JFK & MLK they didn’t kill Malcolm X because the NOI beat them to the punch. The NOI was upset that Malcolm X learned EM had made concubines out of secretaries he recommended to him, two were his ex-girlfriends and one a teenage niece of his. Spike Lee ran a parody of this episode in his film Malcolm X when EM told X a man should marry his wife “Half his age, plus 7”. The NOI was also worried about X shining light on the whereabouts of dead bodies buried and murdered. They didn’t kill X because he left the NOI they tried to kill him before he left.

    Some of the fans and associates of Malcolm Shabazz are upset that president Obama hasn’t made any condolence calls to the Shabazz family. Shabazz has made statements on foreign television stations acussing Obama of being an extension of USA imperialism over Muslim countries. Shabazz also accuses the USA government of allowing the police and private white citizens of killing black people with “impunity” (exemption from prosecution). Police/Private white folks kill black people about 117 a year or about 1 every 4 days. However, this is nothing compared to the statitcs, of say 1 USA city of chicago 500 blacks killed in one year by other black males. Black leaders and community should have the same outrage with black on black crime as they do with the rare instances of whites killing blacks. Pictures of blacks killing blacks should be shown nationaly to build up a crusade against it.

    All future alliance made between and with black peoples and etal should look like rainbows and not black clouds of those playing trumphets wanting for fire to come down out of the clouds instead of peaceful harmony.
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    Which should make it obvious why there has been no call from the White House. :10500:


    500 CHICAGOANS, not 500 BLACK Chicagoans were killed in 2012, and certainly not 500 black males killed by OTHER black MALES. Think about it: The media always say "500/whateva number killed in Chicago." They then go immediately into "black gangs, whateva...." as if ALL people killed in Chicago are black and all the people doing the killing are young black males. I'm not saying there's not a problem - ANY death of any black person diminishes us all. What I am saying is that blacks are not the only Chicagoans doing all the killing while whites love each other (not a psycho among 'em, eh?) and are law-abiding, certainly no murderous stalkers (she said, sarcastically).

    Oh! And not to mention all the young, HISPANIC gang-bangers killing other Hispanics in Chicago (where they make up something like 20% of the population) that you never hear about, either, yet are included in that spurious 500 "blacks killing other blacks" figure.
    Perhaps. But people generally feel MORE outrage when an "outsider" comes into their home and kills a relative than when another relative does it. The "outsider" absolves the family of all responsibility; relatives offing other relatives requires a Family Reunion where the problems are ironed out.

    For what purpose? Who "nationally" cares about black people? :huh:
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    A good overview of alleged efforts by a few to move above and beyond the differences/factions/etc., unite us behind a common intent and purpose...

    As regards efforts to stop those actions/efforts, this is one conspiracy theory I'm led to believe might one day be revealed by whenever others backed them up with heretofore undisclosed facts...

    And even more of a reason for us to practice what brother Malcolm preached etc.

    To say the least, another on point/on time commentary, also a reality check/wake up call/etc. as regards what we are all up against, in 2013...