Black Spirituality Religion : Making Love to a Wish

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    It's early May and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. About 82 degrees. All sunshine. A slight, occasional breeze. That strawberry-lemonade weather fa sho. People cutting grass. People planting. People going to the local farmer's market. Theme parks are open. Because of the nice weather, Black Women are out demonstrating the power and majesty of their physiques. Shorts, long summer dresses...jogs.

    It is my belief that Black Women are at their peaks in warm climates.

    So although I'm out at the farmer's market buying fruits and vegetables, wherever I go (no matter what the reason) I'm always looking for those demonstrations by Black Women. The elegant walk, the laugh, the lovely smile which communicates what's on her mind...and the ever present mental capacity which she possesses.

    When I woke up this morning, I had no idea how my life was about to transform.