Black Poetry : Making it

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    Making it

    Flaws are whack they cause folks to act funny on stage
    Strongly sing, only thing interest me is the writing phrase
    Try live wise but won’t give rise to stupidity got a mixed
    Theme no sixteen come out of high school and try rule mind fixed
    On writing, had a lame plan concentrating on name brand cotton
    Fabrics not studying is a rotten habit eventually fell to the bottom
    Of the class getting harassed by honor roll classmates a fast rate
    Of failure, need some type of luck like a duck has short feet great
    With all sorts of unique fake moves that were sweet and smooth in
    Basket-ball but can’t ignore the drastic call for writing, begin
    Speed reading my brains lined with success but my mind filled
    With mess hard to pass in class it’s crap to accuse it all on the thrill
    Of rap music, my luck ain’t kicking felt like a plucked chicken
    Need stiff feathers to be swift and clever the mission just thickened
    Ready to escape dealing with heavy crates of problems clock ticking
    As time fly can’t make it as a crime guy on a bazaar pace and scarface
    Wasn’t a success took a complex look at textbooks had this bad tar taste
    In mouth, convinced to remain I had to endure intense pain and that’s when
    My strength came have new foes but right now screw the clothes and then
    My world changed a girl rearranged my life may have an estrange wife
    In the future, itch for quotes thought writing was for rich folks it iced
    Me for a while founded it’s not real work now feel hurt and like a book
    I got a number of pages and feel dumber in stages now my whole career shook
    Wanna walk like a preacher but must talk to the teacher prevail in stress hell
    Did I fail the test like coffee my dome perk from homework in shame I dwell
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    now dat's making it .......tyte joint