Black Poetry : Making it as an MC

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    Making it as an MC

    He got smacked around after he backed down the fans
    Wouldn’t stand and applause he had flaws in his dang rap plan
    Now its time for action his rhymes wasn’t satisfaction so back
    To the lab for vocab it was like a crab in a barrel he felt whack
    Dealt with crack it was the wrong way it’s gonna be a long day
    Timberlands lace his feet couldn’t face defeat give up no way
    Disgrace to compete and not win, he had to fall far like a stalled
    Car he backed up traffic and the facts were graphic he gave his all
    Who could he call his hood gonna fall he must represent before
    The rent fall due could use the doe yo, he worried heart was tore
    On the street his credit card soared and like weak cardboard
    He need fat stats and slats to hold up his reputation hope restored
    Kid fill with gloom hid in his room in order to cure whackness he
    Needs pure practice he called upon a deft spirit to help his lyrics be
    Better, he felt trapped and lame went to the rap game to appeal for
    Aid started to feel afraid it was a lame act but he came back a star
    With a contract at the bar wearing much bling there’s no such thing
    As failure in the rap paraphernalia, succeeded he’ll forever cling
    To a microphone, now given permission but this living condition
    Were bad in the slums sad how some make it others don’t friction
    And competition is great
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    Now dat was off da hook and he gotta start somewhere.......