Black Positive People : Make Yo Love and Not War: Ignore All With Miscommunication The Ultimate Unity

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    Ever felt refreshed? Check this my's serious now...go walk outside when it's a good day or better yet great day or night and just in a spot or go driving just to be driving in the poor hood to the richest right? Then go to the country-side or just look up some vacant land or just go chill with the cows and horses by the roadsides right? Now, would you rather make yo love and not war or make yo war and not love? When you think about it it's ignore all with miscommunication the ultimate unity of yourself. Now that's tight for sure leaving everybody defending for themselves called the survival of the fittest. Do you feel sorrow for the kids? Deep down inside I do but if the dummies and smarties don't care then who does right?? I ain't they savior out the religious books worded from cult to cult and sect to sect faithfully. Nope. Sow make yo love and reap not war by ignoring all with miscommunication the ultimate unity of yourself. Now that is positive bee lacking to peep ole stuff, in order to create your own thread to be screwed in tightly for life. If you having problems reading this then go ask your local dictionary webster, the free online, merriam, and oxford who are all controlled by the american psychology association...better yet just go out to the schools and reach an answer from your children's certified guidance counselor in the high schools too. They all the same from bottom to top just switched with names. I like being myself and do you like being american or a descendant of the european? But oh wait! Ain't they from the original bones dug up? Man this world is truly insane and supreme in every culture and they think i'm crazy right or maybe dumb? Eh you think money is real or unreal? Did you ask the tree? I'm outer hear cause i'm endangered. Eh doe tell the kids don't go out there...yall too close to the streets...yall know them hue-mans can't see us...driving the metal horses looking stupid...the nerve of they exhaust fumes...straight poisonous. Dayum i heard them shots again and they after us cause it's that season. Peace.

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