Black Poetry : make my mind trip lost you try kiss off my lipgloss

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    hot interruption is like crop production grow in soil while my flow spoil
    the largest harvest at home on the brink something wrong I think therefore
    I'm aware of more to come far as garbage have ignore some but adore
    fun, sex is tradition but this an exhibition held in NOVEMBER I tore
    my shirt it's bore at work, see a girl she can thrill with sex and a kiss love
    still exist on my agenda will she love me tender give me good back rubs
    this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH use soap in the bathtub
    and hope down a path of love I feel the wrath of the club the math is sub-
    traction above the action of recovery, a discovery of love and never a scrub
    now see a red bone with cake head on straight boys fall in; love with her skin-
    tone and I'm in the zone with that a very strong stat 'SO BOO lets begin
    by you telling me where home at ? “OH VIRGINIA BEACH and then
    CHESAPEAKE boy test the street and breast stress heat my body
    and sleepless hope is like the steepness of a slope it's all downhill"
    "I GO to town and chill and try build up on my love vocab frown until
    I get it down so I can take you out and get cake no doubt and spill
    milk from your breasts, now girl you got sweaty yellow thighs and
    mellow eyes i'm that fellow that tries to get some yum yum got a plan
    girl I beg to stroke and your thing yellow like egg yoke I hope we can
    date boo while I get cake from you' "NAW PLAYER my thing pink and brisk
    gonna have to think about this plus on the brink of a kiss my lips you never miss
    make my mind trip lost you try kiss off my lip gloss
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