Black Poetry : Make it spin

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    17, 11th grade at GPHS
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    if u r my world,
    then y don't i spin.
    y am i given nothing,
    when i give u everything i hold within.
    i need u,
    but sheeps skin is pulled over your eyes.
    i could have had anyone,
    but i chose u as my guy.
    do u not feel,
    like u are not needed?
    or r these words,
    your not taken as heeded.
    bcuz life is like a game,
    which make the topic love very confusing.
    and everytime i play love,
    it seems like i'm always losing.
    just 4 once,
    i'd like to sit this game out.
    bcuz apparently,
    u don't know what i'm about.
    u assume i'm like others,
    who just want u 4 your money.
    but i support my own self,
    all those other 2 second girls r crumby.
    c u fail to see,
    that i truly just want u 4 u.
    i know your not ready for a commitment,
    that's y i'm not worried about saying i do.
    and if only u could see,
    how my heart leaps and twirls.
    then maybe,
    spinning--would go my world..................