Black People : *Make Change Through Your Spending Habits*

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    *From The Ramparts*
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    *Make Change Through Your Spending Habits*

    /“Since the only languages spoken by CorpoGov are money, and power, perhaps money is our ultimate option for influence. Consumer spending represents an enormous bulk of the American economy—in itself a clear indication of how far CorpoGov has sunk our country. Our backbone of manufacturing base with all of its good jobs has been outsourced to lands of cheap labor and lax regulation. Many goods we depend upon are not even made in America anymore...evidenced by how few things in our mega stores are not made in China. Of course the issue is very complicated, but how complicated is demanding that we get back some of the millions of good jobs outsourced for profit’s sake? Everything from terminating endless war to transcending fossil fuels to recapturing our government from the elite—not complicated demands. All that might be left to give us any real voice are our spending decisions. We still have great power to influence CorpoGov, all we lack is information and coordination, and time.” /The Power But Not The Sense Rand Clifford

    The Power, But Not The Sense?

    We The People have nearly run out of ways to influence our government of, by and for corporations (CorpoGov). The General Strike being organized for 9/11/07 is movement in the right direction, but perhaps our ultimate option for forcing some...

    All but the most comatose and somnolent AmeriKKKans realize the Bu$h administration long ago crossed the line of decency into total corruption, debauchery and hubris. When the US Supreme Court handed the presidency to George W. Bu$h the stage was set for the full fledged Nazification of this country. The Bu$h cabal came in with an agenda for global domination and hegemony see the blue prints for their plan to bun rush the world at url][/url]. 9-11 gave them the pretext they wanted to launch their fascist Global War on Terrorism and implement a police state at home. The illegal intervention in Haiti, the unwarranted invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and their proxy was in Columbia, sponsored invasion of Somalia are all part of their insane plan to dominate the resources and people of Earth. Even AmeriKKKans who get their news from Fox, MSNBC and CNN know the country is on the precipice of moral and fiscal collapse due to the machinations and schemes of these psychopaths. It would be easy to say this is the result of inept fart boys playing emperor but the more you look at it the more you see it is all deliberate!

    Fascism AmeriKKKan style is in our faces big time. Only the most brain dead and fearful fail to see it. Bu$h has made dissent illegal and is just waiting for any pretext to institute martial law lock-down of AmeriKKKa. They did a dry run on martial law, the use of mercenaries to disarm citizens and forced displacement during Hurricane Katrina and they saw that they could get away with it. Bu$h has been spying on innocent AmeriKKKans for years, in violation of the FISA law, an impeachable offense. Not just one or two or a few hundred, but millions of AmeriKKKans have been spied upon, personal data collected and stored all in violation of the law. The Congress has complicity in these crimes because they have failed to due their duty and reign in Bu$H for his abuses of power. It is now ominously clear the common man and woman can no longer count on their elected representatives on the national level to save the country from escalating wars abroad and dictatorship at home.

    What can we do? Is there a solution? Will we go out like the Italians and Germans who blindly followed Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler over the cliff into national ruin? Is there hope? The answer is yes only when we begin to think fo ourselves. The fascists already have their concentration/detention centers up and running. They have a program to turn our clergy into spies and informants. They have thought of everything, everything that is except the power of the human spirit.

    Although the Iraqi and Lebanese liberation fighters have demonstrated to the world that you can stymie and defeat a superior equipped force, AmeriKKKans by in large are too fat and complacent to go the route.

    Plus back in the ‘80's and ‘90's the ruling elites targeted the white militia movement with the government assaults on Ruby Ridge, Waco and the bogus Oklahoma City bombing forcing many to disband or go underground. As Black people we have no serious security force to protect us unless you count the FOI. And they don’t even think or function in those terms.

    So “revolution” and guerilla resistance are not viable or serious options for us at this time.

    The only real weapon we have is our money. We can bring the empire to its knees by voting with our wallets and pocketbooks! The best thing about it is they can’t put us in detention camps for not spending out money! Even with their sophisticated tracking and surveillance (they can track you using your own GPS devices) system they can’t do a thing about us not spending our money. Since money is their prime objective prolonged selective patronage can be very effective. We saw just how effective such a strategy can be in Montgomery Alabama when unarmed, poor and working class Black folks brought the city to its knees just by refusing to ride the buses for three hundred eighty one days! Imagine if we decide we would not spend one dime in any retail store, Online or for any service connected to the warmongers? Imagine if we were astute enough to identify the worst perpetrators of human rights violations and stopped supporting them financially. What impact could we have? It’s safe and effective as an old commercial used to say. Think about this, seriously. Our time is running out as well as our options because the Bu$h-Cheney cabal are determined to make AmeriKKKa the twenty-first century version of Nazi Germany. All that stands between us and them at this point is the little bit of money we have in our possession and how we use it