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May 7, 2009


Did this American Government forget to tell the African American Church about this major New Moon October Festival Week that was officially declared a major holiday and added to the White House itinerary of celebrations back in 2009? Why would this government observe this ancient festival originally based on the Human Sacrifice of Black African-typed people, a festival that marks the very OCTOBER LEAP YEAR PASSOVER WEEK that Jesus Christ was Crucified and not make it a holiday for us as well? Oh well dismally too, MAYBE WE ARE INCLUDED IN ON IT!? Based upon the kind of things that have been happening, maybe we are the main attraction, and well, we just don’t know it yet? Strangely so, this widely celebrated DIWALI [i.e. Deepavali] OCTOBER New Moon and New Year Festival was said to be first observed after AD 500s; That would be 500 years after the Crucifixion of Jesus. So now, how can it be first observed in India 500 years after the Crucifixion when this would be the very Saturnalia Festival and Passover observed in the Roman Empire times!? Somebody is not telling the truth. To be sure, it was discreetly interjected that there are hints of a more earlier time when this DEEPAVALI mid-OCTOBER celebration may have originated but that was pretty much all that was offered, however, based upon the main elements, it should become obvious that the origins of this festival goes much farther back prior to the AD 500s which would be after the Fall of Rome and perhaps around the time of the rise of the Koran and the Arab Movement under Muhammad Ali. So what would be the gain of not advertising this major October New Year Holiday all along the billboards of America’s highways or, in grocery stores, or on the commercials to the affect that African Americans can choose to be a part of this as well and celebrate it? It was just celebrated last week, and our government has strategically omitted this truth. Would that also be why all of the former presidents also came together too, in addition to having a benefit celebration for the victims of the hurricanes?

…was given official status by the United States Congress in
2007. [11][112] Barack Obama became the first president to
personally attend Diwali at the White House in 2009
. On the
eve of his first visit to India as the president of United States,
Obama released an official statement sharing best wishes with
“those celebrating Diwali”. [113] . . . The Diwali Mela in
Cowboys Stadium boasted an attendance of 100,000 people in 2009. . . .

India has been credited for the origin of this observance even though it obviously has the same elements as the very ancient SATURNALIA FESTIVAL that was originally observed during October as well. Just last week, I wondered why I saw ‘Christmas lights’ decorating balconies and homes!? I wondered why I saw so many people from India out and about in the parks and such. And I had always wondered why I saw the same ‘Christmas lights’ as well on April 17 up and down the streets at night decorating homes, and shopping strips! So now, as this subject would be my most favorite passion! —And, after revisiting this subject about this annual and most incredible historical week, the very week that Jesus Christ was Crucified, Died and was Resurrected, to my surprise, I have stumbled across this little global secret of DIWALI; also known as THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS:

…South Brunswick in New Jersey, Howard County in Maryland,
and Meadow School District & Syosset Central School District in
New York have declared Diwali as a school holiday.
In 2016 – Diwali was commemorated for the first time at the
United Nations in New York City.

No matter what name used to define this ancient October Festival or, where it was observed across the ancient world, or at what point in time past or present, this universal ritualistic holiday always had the very same dominant theme. It would be defined always as A DUAL-THEMED FESTIVAL(S) that did include more than one dual-themed conflict and of which was, for thousands and thousands of years, defined by BLACK-vs-BLACK conflict and violence and, the human sacrifice of Black African-typed victims. Always. One aspect of these dual themes was male-vs-male, however another paramount aspect was gender-vs-gender. And Jesus Christ was sent to earth to mark this evil ritualistic universal festival. Originally, when the PASSOVER WEEK was first instituted for the Hebrew Israelites by Moses during the time of the EXODUS, Passover week was set to begin on September 14, but every three years due to the leap year, PASSOVER NEW YEAR began on OCTOBER 14. Therefore, due to the Saturnalia Festival that was detailed in the GOSPEL, this would be one of many reason why we know that Jesus was Crucified during the Leap Year New Moon in October. But after the Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Romans later moved the Saturnalia Festival from October to December and aligned it with the winter solstice instead of the Summer’s End autumnal equinox. Because Jesus Christ arose on OCTOBER 17, this very day became THE FIRST RESURRECTION and therefore, this aspect of it still remains a holiday in October. Therefore, our holiday HALLOWEEN is THE FIRST RESURRECTION. However, this part of the Saturnalia Festival of the human sacrifice of ‘the god Saturn’ [i.e. Seth] has been redefined based upon the Solar Calendar and no more known as a new moon festival. Also, due to this October Festival being observed way back in time even before the time of Moses to some remote time when there was a meteor storm, the next day after Halloween became observed as THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. For some ancient civilizations, the ninth (9th) month of ‘NOVEMBER’ became their new year and the mark for this meteor storm and can be seen in the root name ‘NOVA’ meaning ‘New’ [i.e. New Year]. For many Hispanic and Latino people, this day became known as ALL SAINTS DAY in association with THE FIRST RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.

So now we know, that for many people of India, they just had their major New Year festival! OCTOBER would be their new year and this very Saturnalia Festival under the name of DEEPAVALI or DIWALI is also a major festival in many different countries all over the world which includes many African countries. Because several of the descriptions of this week long festival includes elements that correlate to a three (3) day theme of death, darkness, and then rebirth, that connects to the Passover account of the very Resurrection of Jesus on the 3rd day, it becomes obvious that the celebrations today in these festivals have merged the themes of both the ancient Saturnalia Festival and the Passover Festival. Indeed, the Saturnalia Festival goes way back to even pre-flood times but however, Passover was instituted beyond that dawn of time that this dark ritualistic observance became practiced. Therefore, for Europe at that time in central Italy, Rome Italy, and across the waters in Jerusalem, Jesus became sacrificed in this dual-themed holiday. Jesus became ‘the god Saturn’ [ie. The god Seth] and Herod became ‘the god Mercury’ over the Treasury temple where it was written that at times, the idol of the god Saturn was used in the festivals instead of a human sacrificed victim. At some point in time during the Rome-Etruscan period and before, the wooden, bronze statue was erected, taken out of the temple for the parade and after the end of the procession of the display of the wealth in the triumphal parade, the representative official, as the god Mercury would ceremonially subdue the conquered god Seth [ie Saturn], and then offer up incense. Finally, the conquered wooden god Saturn was put back in the basement of the treasury temple and his feet ceremonially bound.

This ancient universal OCTOBER FESTIVAL has a purpose. And after being observed as the ultimate ritual for ancient civilizations for thousands and thousands of years, the purpose of why this observance continues to be vital for government in the past and maybe even today, becomes all to obvious; Divide and Conquer. Even though Jesus was in the land of his inheritance as the descendant of Jacob Israel, he was pitted against the Herods. The Herods had origins with Abraham and was thus being identified as Black men however, they were descendants of Esau too, and thus usurpers who did the work for the matriarchal system of the Astheroth and Baal priesthood of the Roman Empire. White Supremacy has been maintained for thousands of years based upon this method and would be the reason why this Saturnalia festival was so vital to the Roman Empire to maintain dominance over the masses. The constant instigation with the express purpose to cause conflict amongst Black African-typed people in regards to issues like male-vs-male, male-vs-female, ‘bad’ hair-vs-good hair, light-vs-dark, old-vs-young, and etc. has been the staunch belief for certain people in secrecy and in high places in order to dominate and be supreme over the Black African world. So it does not matter if this festival description has been hidden under the soft explanation of good-vs-evil, ultimately, Satanism and White Supremacy or Color Supremacy would be one in the same. So now, when the details of this Deepavali October Moon Festival are considered, these will be the themes that will become evident that go way back in time. The ‘ASURA’ [i.e. Narakasura] DEMON-vs-Sri Krishna; same theme, different wordage. Satyabhama, the daughter of King Satrajit [i.e. Saturnalia]-vs-the Demon Asura; and at times, she can be defined as his own mother who deceptively exploited and then went against him. This would be a dark, deceptive theme that reveals the deeper origins of this Saturnalia-Ophalia festival that has origins in the nod eastern world of Ancient Turkey Anatolia around the Black Sea area.

So now all of a sudden and after all of these hundreds of years since chattel slavery time, in 2007 and 2009, United States of America decides to officially endorse the Saturnalia Festival under the auspices of another name from another people and from another country and under a Black, biracial president, and then soon afterwards, the African American Church has been confronted with a homosexual law that also occurred in 2009. Many African Americans are all of sudden faced with some strange occurrences. We are having to contemplate how to respond or not to respond to some unusual happenings that seem to teeter on the edge of being a major human rights deprivation and we are being confronted with several different conflicts at once that in the past was not even an issue because it was considered to be a basic human right. Reparations was put down too under this administration of the past. We had issues with employment as Second-class citizens but now, we have to somehow have jobs to qualify for mandatory healthcare, but if the job does not pay enough, then we could be disqualified for the tax credit, and then would have to pay over $3000.00 per month for mandatory healthcare, or be penalized by the federal government IRS, and have all of our tax refund continually seized and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, many foreigners are able to buy and sell with ease with the exception of certain target ethnic foreign groups that are suppressed too due to the global trade system that has been controlled by high powers somewhere. So even though the Black Church collectively today still has no idea of this most important week in mid-OCTOBER that revolves around the very Savior that marks the faith, I continue to write and share in hopes that one day, this government will be called on their mockery and exploitation of the African American descendants of slaves. The Bible clearly details THE SATURNALIA FESTIVAL that actually coincided with the Jews Passover when Jesus was Crucified, however, eventually the Romans did change the Jewish Passover to be observed in the spring and this would be another part of the confusion today. Cont.

Because of their passions, rebirth as an Asura is considered to be
one of the four unhappy births (together with rebirth as an animal,
a preta, or a being in Naraka). The state of an Asura reflects the
mental state of a human being obsessed with ego, force and violence,
always looking for an excuse to get into a fight, angry with everyone
and unable to maintain calm or solve problems peacefully.

The third day of Diwali is believed to be the most auspicious day;
this is when Lakshmi Puja, or the worship of the goddess of
wealth is performed. …

Diwali festival
New moon festival

Diwali dates back to ancient times in India, as a festival after
the summer harvest
in the Hindu calendar month of Kartika.
. .. second half of 1st millennium AD but believed to have
been expanded from a core text from an earlier era. . .. who
seasonally transitions in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. [21][24]

the 15th (new moon day) is Lakshmi Puja, celebrated
throughout India. …

ASURA ~ The word/name 'ASURA' means 'DEMON'

By Gunawan Kartapranata - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

*****Note: the two women on both sides of the demon, Asura, are known as APSARAS. They are also known as NYMPHS and some associate them with Greek script where they are known too, as MUSES.

The name “Krishna” originates from the Sanskrit word Krsna,
which is primarily an adjective meaning “black”, “dark”, or “dark blue”. [22]
Kamsa is told by fortune tellers that a child of Devaki would
kill him. Kamsa arranges to kill all of Devaki’s children.

When Krishna is born, Vasudeva secretly carries the infant Krishna away …

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
WOOOOOOOW. Chevron Dove that truly was an all inclusive intertwining history lesson to end all history lessons. I have to do some serious research to just keep up with all those events. There goes my weekend but from what I've read and understood so far it's facts worth having under ones belt concerning knowledge of self.

Thank you.

I need to add a lot of scriptures references though, point-for-point due to this new found information about this festival.
I had no idea.
But, I've been sharing this history about October new moon years ago, when I first joined this community.

Based upon the White House participation, I have a feeling that this Biblical information is going to be around for a very long time.

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