Black Poetry : Maintaining

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    Are we bougee now?

    Have we seen the other side

    Of the mountain?

    Rushing other characters to stay at bay.

    Always feeling the way of the other side’s tide.

    Images given on how ur to maintain.

    Never wanting a natural essence


    “Falling behind”

    We may never have another chance.

    Not knowing the real chance of trails left behind.

    Listening to the mountain climbers claim of lacking.

    Not knowing how to climb alone.

    Forgiving the difference always felt as tacky.

    Being ultimently the one @ the top first shown.

    Wanting them to join your “lacking.”

    Not reasoning

    Why a bougee nature will keep you still & alone.

    Tops must come down.

    We better hope a chance for us to save a trail left by chance.

    Mountains are full of snow now for the season.

    Learning your own trail is the name of the game.

    To be shown.

    My bougee nature naturally lead to the other side.

    Looking easy.

    But no holes


    Trails of chez they left for you.

    As you look to proceed.