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    Mysterious Magog; The Magic Man & the Chameleon

    There were many. From ancient times up until modern times there were many Magog Dynasties but, because these truths are not presented in our educational curriculums, whether under the federal government or in church, the history of Magog has become invisible. Nevertheless, this mysterious man mentioned in the first and last books of the Bible named Magog, can surface. Furthermore, without an understanding of how he and his generations interacted with the world we live in, the whole truth about world history will never be attained and there will always be confusion. The acts and deeds of Magog needs to be brought to the forefront because his life has a significant bearing on major conflicts of the past that continues on and into the present. One of the most fascinating portions of ancient history concerns a great battle in early times in which good prevailed upon evil and this victory went to Noah and Shem, the father of the Greeks. But because the presence of Magog has a great impact on the main issues that led up to this struggle, confusion may arise if a good foundation has not been established in regards to the kind of people that came against Noah in those early times. Although another great historical conflict, the Trojan War, has been widely acclaimed, so much so, that it has become apart of the educational curriculum in public schools all the way up through college levels, the more earlier conflict that pre-cursed Homer’s legendary war was even more significant but this has been suppressed. It occurred during the lifetime of Noah and at some of the same factual sites in which the Trojan War was set to have occurred much later in time. For what ever reason the earlier conflict was shrouded in anonymity, its occurrence though has not gone unrecorded. For even in the account of the destruction of the famous city of Troy does the earlier conflict become briefly mentioned howbeit in an allegoric style. The scientific discoveries reported about this city in northwest Turkey go back to that time period of the life of Noah and even before. The accounts of it can be placed on a timeline and placed in a setting on this planet and deserves more attention than what has been offered. Hidden within the pages of this mysterious struggle long before the Trojan War time, would be a connection between Biblical history and secular history and here would be where the personality of the enigmatic man, Magog surfaces.

    At one point, Noah, the high priest of this earth, was written to have become filled with anger and indignation and, he came out of his tent and pronounced judgments. He blessed his sons, Shem and JapHeth but Noah also pronounced a curse and, he disinherited Canaan, the son of Ham. Through research it becomes evident that it was this discord that surfaced between Noah and Canaan that presents the key to the manifestation of the mysterious Magog. In this same Book of Genesis, the earlier generations of the three sons of Noah were also recorded of which Magog was among the list as being one of the sons of JapHeth-the-Elder. Again, in order to understand the full extent of the predicament that arose around Canaan, history needs to be placed on an accurate timeline and compared and contrasted with other records which revolve around this time of judgment. The very presence of Canaan that fateful day and other facts marks the third and fourth generations and the time of the downfall of the first great civilization in present-day Iraq [ancient Babylon]. By this time, Canaan already had descendants of whom had even became apart of Babylon. Canaan did something. What did Canaan do? Subsequent events also sheds light on Canaan Ham’s acts and deeds after he was cursed. Noah denounced Canaan which meant in part, that Canaan lost his land rights which he had dominated in and around the present-day ‘Middle East’. But, CANAAN DID NOT HEED! A careful look at the scriptures reveals much more. Canaan was not the only problem that day. There was another dark spirit in support of Canaan of whom was present that day and whose actions became unexpectedly and shockingly revealed.

    Canaan was given land on the same wise as the very sons of Noah. He was given land in the heart of this world. Why?

    Noah was initially tricked into believing that Canaan was his own son from his wife when in fact, Ham was the true father of Canaan and, this evil secret was hidden from Noah for about three hundred years. In addition to this wicked sin of incest, between the birth and the time of revelation, Canaan grew up and continued to become apart of this deception against Noah. Therefore, he was initially esteemed as being a brother to Ham, his own father, and, he received land inheritance along with the other three patriarchs of the world until the day when Noah ‘was uncovered within his own tent’ . . . When Noah finally sobered from his wine and realized what had happened to himself [GENESIS 9:21, 24, 25], he came out of his tent and pronounced judgment against Canaan. But not only did this immoral act happened to Noah but, at the same time duration, Noah’s son Ham was also in the tent. And Ham ‘saw the nakedness of his father’ as well. . . . She returned to her wicked sin and molested her own son Cham once again. . . She thought Noah was too drunk and occupied to ever know . . . She thought too, that Noah was soon going to die not knowing . . . Noah was stocked and set up--Big time:

    And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. [GENESIS 9:22]​

    . . . The origins of Canaan was finally revealed. On the fateful day that Noah ‘came to’ and caught her in a compromising position, she did not even have time to clothe herself. When Noah finally realized what was going on in his tent, Ham left and went looking for his brothers because . . . somebody’s life was threatened that day. And so his brothers came into the tent and intervened between their parents:

    And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness. [GENESIS 9:23]​

    Premeditation. Was it a time of festive events? --A time for merrymaking and drinking wine? What brought Canaan and the three patriarchs together at that time in history? Why were they gathered around the tent of the old high priest, their father? At any rate, for about three hundred years after the flood, the earth endured immorality, dark secret sins . . . sick behavior condoned . . . THE PERVERTED JUSTICE of Canaan . . . people murmured but who was going to tell the old man . . .. If Noah did not correct this then who would!?

    Trust defiled. Out of what would be expected to be the most trusting arms in the most highest and sacred tents of the high priest of this world was awful deceit and hatred. A position of power abused. And for this reason, Noah forgave his son Ham.

    Therefore, these circumstances eventually led up to a great battle and also reveals the presence of Magog at that time. After Canaan was rejected by Noah, why then does Ishtar’s illegitimate son, Canaan-Ham, and his descendants continue to be listed in the Bible records up through thousands of years of history? The answer to this question lies in the generations of JapHeth especially, his son Magog. The hidden man Magog manifests and connects to the life of Canaan and becomes another part of the story and the very man of whom provided a platform for Canaan and the Canaanites to resist the judgment that came from the high priest of the world. Based upon years of research, the secrecy about Magog unfolds when his origins are also brought to light. Magog was an nodeastern man (northeastern man). For, the father of Magog was JapHeth but, the grandfather of Mahgog was none other than Canaan-Ham. And both JapHeth and Canaan-Ham exploited Mahgog [MAH-GOG] for their own purpose.

    *4022 BC---3882---2956---2356---2060s---2006---1516---1436---1396---956---662---545---AD 2

    -----2060s B.C.E. -- the Fall of Greater Babylon [present day Iraq]

    After the origins of both Canaan-Ham and Mahgog are considered and word usage becomes obvious, like magic, Magog appears out of the pages of the past and the history that unfolds becomes enormous and seemingly endless. Unlike Canaan, Magog received his inheritance because he was the son of JapHeth. Therefore as ‘a servant’ to Magog, Canaan and his descendants foresaw no threat and so, history reveals that many of them resisted the judgment of Noah. The Biblical name of ‘King Og’ in the land of Canaan seem all too revealing.

    Because of Mahgog’s origins and his exploits, his ethnic generations became like ‘Chameleons’ within the Hamitic world that they became apart of throughout times. His generations were right there in the Bible all along and apart of many struggles all throughout time. The very name variations of Magog claimed by his generations was written amongst many Bible stories presented and his descendants have been outlined in connection with several distinct civilizations and dynastic rules. Each word-name associated with Magog has a uniqueness that reveal more truths. And in order to understand the huge volume of history amassed in regards to these two men, Canaan-Ham and Magog, and the generations that came from them, perhaps this kind of information shared will become a stepping stone towards gaining a better understanding of much more.

    First Printed June 2009 [Edited]

    Suggested Notes:

    Genesis 10:1-5 -- the Genealogy including MAGOG
    Genesis 9:21-29 -- the Curse of Canaan…