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    Dear Christian
    From: Andre Austin
    RE: Magic the Foundation of the Egyptian religion.
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    By careful examination of the bible texts leads me to the conclusion that Egypt was targeted as the origins of evil. It was no easy task and I shall prove my thesis.

    Six, six, six is talked about in revelation 13:11-18 as a beast man with horns LI and having the #666. In Egypt the symbol for magic was . If we make we get an anagram of. Magic was used by Thoth and Ptah (mason/craftsman) in helping Ra (sun) create the world. Magic seeks to influence nature by imitation by triple gods of planting, harvesting, winter. 666 is a mark of deception (rev 19:20) what is the deception? “By thy (craftsman) sorceries (magic) were all nations deceived” Rev 18:23. And if we back up to verse 22 craftsmen are talked about as not being allowed to practice their craft. As I said before thoth/ptah were the original craftsmen of Egypt. We know Egypt and Sodom was the place were Jesus was spiritually crucified rev 11:8 it seems this evil deed alone would link Egypt with 666. Besides Egypt is the birthplace of magic/astrology.

    The bible states that to know 666 “calls for wisdom and insight” rev 13:18 in Egypt 666 was linked with forethought according to Plutarch “Isis and Osiris”. the forethought was put on King’s forehead and hands from crocodile oil. We know in the bible 666 marks are placed on peoples foreheads and hands. For the bible 6 is incomplete knowledge/magic. “The Egyptian creation -myths make it clear that Ra employed Heka (magic) in constructing heaven earth and the underworld, and the Heka assumes the form of divine magic, and has something of the character of the wisdom which is so often mentioned by Solomon as the helper of god at creation [proverbs 8:22]”. From fetish to God in ancient Egypt by E.A. Wallis Budge p.33 Solomon is an interesting figure because he is associated with receiving 666 talents of gold. Some of this gold is used to make lamp stands to hold olive oil to anoint. It’s reasonable to assume olive oil was modified from crocodile oil to anoint kinds with knowledge. I wouldn’t be saying this if Solomon didn’t have links with thoth/ptah. According to 11 Samuel 12:25 Solomon’s name was “Jedidiah” meaning “By the word of the Lord” or “Because of the Lord”. Thoth had the same title: “may Thoth, lord of the words of God”-the mummy by E.A. Budge p.174. I forgot to mention that the biblical word Messiah originated from Mesheh, the ancient Egyptian word signifying the ritual of ancient kings with crocodile (666) oil. The croc was known in Egypt as a messeh and from this comes the Hebrew term messiah. Thus the Christ/messiah means the ancient one, who is king. A glance at the medical papyrus of Egypt will show that oil appeals in scores of prescriptions and it was no less useful to the magician for transformations of one state to another.

    Solomon is a name for 3 suns sol/om/ and on. This has something to do with Thoth being called 3 times great. The sun was pictured as a circle with a dot. So Solomon would look like. I’m amazed that some Egyptologist speculate that the pyramid/temple was made first by a circle with a dot in the center. Then some says a square. But the Jewish Talmud does say Solomon built pyramids/temples by use of magic. So it appears that Solomon had great admiration for Solomon’s father David had great admiration for Thoth too. Some say David’s real name was king thothmes or twthmoiss III who was named after Thoth.

    E.A. Wallis Budge states “Thothmes III danced before the goddess Hathor”-from Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt pass thothmes who was named after the god Thoth danced before Hathor who was a female counterpart of Thoth and a sphinx. People say the whore of Babylon was a sphinx. King David is famously known as dancing before the ark. (2 Sam 6:14,16). The Ark of the Covenant built by Moses is precisely similar in all measurements of the “stone chest in the kings chamber of the great pyramid. The golden cherubs of Solomon and Moses were Egyptian sphinx or Hathor. When David danced before the Ark and the cherubim. Known as Hathor/sphinx the female counterpart of Thoth. Inside the ark are the laws.

    that’s interesting because Thoth was known as the lawman of justice, a judge”. archeological discoveries have shown that Judaism itself had its roots in the religion of Egypt. For example, the cherubim found in a ninth century B.C. Jewish palace are strikingly similar to the winged Egyptian goddess (Isis/Hathor). It must be remembered that Thoth also merged ishtar with Isis-Hathor. Mary Magdalene was 7 demons of Hathor and named her baby from Jesus after ishtar first son. Dance means to twist or whirl about in a circular motion.

    The Greek term for dance mean or ring. Did king David dance around like Thothes III in a circle ring. When apuleius wrote “the golden *** he called Venus herself, through she was ringed-round by the three graces”. Hathor was also a personification of Venus the morning and evening star. We put these two stars together and we have the star of David which is a hexagram I.E. series of 6.

    For the Koran Satan was called Iblis, a thing made of fire. Thoth was always pictured with the head of a bird called ibis one letter off from Iblis. Michael baigent writes “there has been some speculation that Mohammed’s father was a member of a Nazarene sect and that Mohammed himself was raised in Nazarene traditions”-the messiac legacy p.73 just read in rev 18:2 and see the link between demons and birds.

    In conclusion I want to talk about frogs and its links with magic and 666. I believe it’s the final bridge between and . First let me say that numerology, a form of magic has values assigned to each letter of the English alphabet.

    Is it a coincidence that O is under the number 6. Numerology helps people predict their future, that was a form of magic that took 360 into a circle to take up time. Anything to do with time keeping was based on the number 6 or its multipliers. Magic also used astronomy for observations, measurements and calculations to organize the agricultural activities. In revelations if you don’t have 666 you can’t buy or sell which was primarily food back in those days. The love of astrology and the calendar were the basis of much of the mythology of the ancient Egyptians . It was Herodotus 2:82 who states “ The Egyptians were also the first to assign each month and each day to a particular deity. And to foretell by the date of a man’s birth, his character, his fortunes.” fortune is like fate, predestination meaning to foreknow. Now it is not an accident Plutarch has a crocodile having 666 of forethought. When the Egyptians created the world they used magic/Heka. Before Ra created the world it existed first in his mind/wisdom invisibly. This means that Ra’s sun had forethought the world is creation. So we have the invisible 4 elements being in his heart/mind the coming into existence by his tongue or word of powers by Thoth. Acts/words of power are other terms for magic.

    The Memphite theology is astronomical creating eight of the gods or planets from Ra’s one body. I believe rev 17:9 was talking about this as the beast into was an eight king. Why? Because creation of the world (rev 17:8) was talked about in conjunction with the eight king. I might be wrong.

    Now lets talk about creation and frogs. “the frogs appears to have been worshipped in primitive times as the symbol of generation, birth, and fertility. The frog was identified with Hathor and Thoth. Frog-goddess were believed to have played very prominent parts in the creation of the world. According to Horapollo, who studied hieroglyphics before it was suppressed, the frog typified an imperfectly formed man. Bible scholars say 6 means incomplete. The temple lamp composed of six branches and one vine Jesus makes 7 complete. 666 is incomplete without God.

    Hekat/Heka is a frog woman associated with magic. Frog was imperfectly formed or incomplete so we have a link with the number fix. Go to any dictionary and you will find:

    Hex = witch, sorcerer
    Hexad= series or group of six, 6

    In phonics, we don’t deal with spelling but sound.

    Hex is the same as Heka. As a matter of fact both means magic. In Rome or Greece the letter X is (ki). The magic symbol in Egypt is called Ka. In dealing with the plagiarism of Christianity Muslims from Egyptians we always see a slight modification. For example Jesus making wine into water (a magic act) was done in the fictional city of Cana. But any careful reading of the true origin of the myth we find Horus making “grape-water” at a canal at Cana.

    Jesus the true vine is the tree of complete knowledge. Thoth was the symbol wrapped around a tree with a snake offering a fig or grape. The evil decrees by the fruit of grapes is then killed by a “wine press”. I believe the tree of knowledge was related to magic because after Eve/Adam ate the grape their eyes were opened to their nakedness. The Egyptians called fractions of the eye (Hekat) similar to Heka. Plus frogs (hekate) were associated with nakedness in rev 16:13-15. Sexual connotations were of the used with the term “to know” he knew her.

    People for many years have been talking about the devil and 666 but it seems that the elite who have knew 666 was Egyptian magic like to keep it hidden. When things are unveiled of their mystery the people loose the fear. Without the fear there is no control. Like I stated before the bible had Sodom and Egypt spiritually killing Jesus. Why Sodom? Not because of homosexuality but with unnatural lust. Maybe it has something to do with frogs being symbolized as fertility (sex). We know sex/knowing went hand and hand with the tree of knowledge (Thoth).

    Mankind was six branches of the vine (Jesus 7) this is why the tree was grapes. Grapes are associated with sex/creation. Adam/Eve became aware (full fractions) of the nakedness creation. The unnatural creation was an imitation of creation, magic.


    The bible dictionary subjects on angels is cherubim. Like I said before cherubim is a form of Hathor the goddess of love who is also pictured as a frog (hekate). Now Sodom and Gomorrah. In genesis 19 two angels (two cherubim’s) seems to want to have sex with the men associated with lot. Jude 5-7 implies that the angels (hathors) did have sex with them. Sodom and Gomorrah were having sex with their father. Therefore it was no homosexuality. It appears to be sex with the Egyptian goddess of love into was symbolic of a sphinx, Thoth, and frog of magic. The whore of Babylon is Hathor and those who lust after her wine/blood will meet her wine press , grapes or wrath in death.