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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by carla, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Brian is so wonderful in every way!
    I love the song, thank you for the link sistah!
    I have everything he's ever made from never felt this way(I chose this song for my aunt to walk down the aisle with ,to the song you've shared today!
    I will be going to see madea on feb 25th when it comes out,I know that some don't agree with drag movies and neither do I ,but madea makes me think of sharing and caring and being the head of the black union of strength!
    It also reminds me of my grandmother!
    I remember when she was alive and she would have her boyfriend over who always smelled like moth balls and vegetables, he had a receding hairline and always chewed gum, "Mr montgomery" Me and her would prepare their meals and she would say angel me and mr montgomery are going to talk and have dinner so granny will be busy for awhile. She was the first person that taught me how to pray and baptised me. We would plant her garden together and fry us up some fried green tomatoes. I would brush her hair,clean her dentures, rub pain medicine on her back and legs, and try on her costume jewlery and gowns. I remember when my daddy adopted a son and she would whisper, angel that boy is crazy and yo daddy don't know nothing about him, wait till he's standing over him trying to get him while he's sleep! She would play the lottery and she put all of her sons through college, all seven of them and bought them their first car!
    She kept this black change purse full of money in her bra and do you know I do the same!
    Bought me my first bike at 5yrs old! Yellow and white with a basket and horne.Pink and white bigwheel.
    When she started to get sick she would ask the same questions over and over! How old are you baby? How much do you weigh now with your cute chubby self?
    The day she died I could not eat nor sleep for about six months.
    I asked for her gowns and teeth.
    Somehow the teeth disappeared, don't ask me how, i don't know, but till this day I have her gowns and she died 15yrs ago!
    Madea to me means more than just being my grandmother by blood,or a black man dressing in drag
    it's about nurturing,loving,caring,sharing,teaching,blessing and helping you to love you for you and knowing that somebody actually loves you the same!
    I miss u grandma kanary:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I thank you for helping GOD to watch over me:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    retired computer geek
    north philly ghetto
    i do not like black men dressed as women.