Black People : Maafa 21 (Black Genocide In 21st Century America / Modern Racism) [Full 2 Hour Video]

Putney Swope

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Jun 27, 2009
Brother Putney Swope

Come to Brothers Chat Tomorrow Night Please.

That doesn't cost you anything.
So leave your check book at home.

Bring your mic and share some of this ISH you claim we speak.

If your on the East.. its 8PM
West it's 5PM

I am asking you to come speak it so all of the Brothers in Brothers Chat can group think this thing thru. You want solutions we are about them.

Come to chat.
This isn't your first invite. Join us!
what are you talking about brother this and brother that, it is our Black Women who have to sit everyday worrying about whether they will be eating some secret substance that will make them sterile or some new breakfast cereal, will give her child attention deficit disorder,
did you see the film?????????????

this aint about sitting around chatting on a mike that never goes off and heres everything in your house unless it is unplugged , this is an issue that must be adressed openly and publicly in view of members and non members but most importantly, Black women primarily along with our support and effort

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