Black Spirituality Religion : Lying And Deceit

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    Let's be real here if we can it doesn't take ( rocket - scientist ) To Know Why The European Devil's Remove Some Of The Book In The Bible Ok . Its Because It Would Ex-pose All The Lie and Deception and Contradiction . Such as Paul's Conversion , Jesus Being His Own Father = Trinity . Who was Jesus sent to , The So-called Crucifixion . What race was really curse . The ture mark of the beast . The true story of Noah . Who were the prophet's And what was there mission . Who was the Comforter and list goes on and on . Now These Book Are From God . And The Words Of God As The Christian Say . Yes . Who Gave These Europeans Devil The Authority To Remove Them And What Were They Trying To Hide ? We're talking about the words of God here . Are These European Saying God Made A Mistake When Writeing HIS Scriptures ? Did God Tell These European To Make 98% Of The Picture In HIS Bible . White = European = Caucasian . Such as God = White the Prophet = White . Did God Tell The Europeans To Write The Many Version Of HIS Bible , And Tell His Children Just Believe Any One Of The Many Version Even though They All Saying Something Different ? Did God Tell The Europeans Devil . To teach his children That Walking In The Light = White Is Walking With God . And The Walking In Darkness = Black Is Walking With The Devil . ? Does This Make God A Races ?
    Did God Tell The Europeans To Only Teach HIS Children From The Quraan And The Bible , Even though they Are Just Copy From ( Atra - Hasis , The Enuma Elish and The Gilgames Epics Tablets Of The Descent Of Ishtar To The Underword . Tablets Of Nergal and Arishkegal Tablets Of Adapa . Tablets Of Etana . The Akkadian Tablets . ) And Do Not Seek Out The Above Books . Because They Wouldn't Be Walking In THE LIGHT !! And Just Believe . You Know I Find It Very funny How This European Can Just Do Anything He Wish Without Being Question . He Remove God's Book And You Dare Not Question Him . And If He Feel Like Makeing Up His Own Version You Just Accept It As The Word Of God . When He Himself Remove God's Own Words . What You Nubian Brothe's And Sister Fail To Realizes Is he Has No Soul . So He Has Nothing To Lose . For Those Who Are Seeking The Real Story . Will Do There Own ReSearch . And Those Who Just Like There Ego RUB = Some One Telling Them What They Want To Hear So Be It . ( LIKE ALWAYS DON'T BELIEVE ME RESEARCH THINGS FOR YOURSELF AS YOU WOULD SAY YOUR SOUL IS A STATE HERE . HE HAS LOSE HIS / HERS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR TOO JUST BY ACCEPTING A PERSON BECAUSE THEY KNOW A FEW VERSE
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    Wow! Talk about lying and decite....Issael your swimming in it.
    You talk about the White man, when you in reture follow a black devil??????
    For a book that you think is so wrong, I cant help but notice how you use it constantly, such as posting scripture from it to TRY and prove your point.
    Your post is filled with hate and anger.Seek help, try Jesus :swim:
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    Some of the books of the Holy Doctrine were removed, which has caused confusion, but not because it would prove lies of the truth. :look: And it seems some things here are in confusion, such as the Son being His own Father, which He is not, but was sent of the Father as the Lamb of His sacrifice for our sins.

    There truly was a Crucifixion, and by this, we have salvation unto life, but only when we truly have faith and truly believe in our Father and His Son, and the works put forth, in His healing and teaching, and His resurrection.

    Paul truly did convert, and with his own spirit, he brought many to the King as a faithful and holy servant would. A beautiful example for all called unto the KING, the Most High. :)