Chief Elder Osiris : Lucifer Has No Conscious (Awareness) Remorse Of Guilt When Performing Evil.

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    Lucifer Has No Conscious (Awareness) Remorse Of Guilt When Performing Evil.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Lucifer is the Devil, now in charge of the Black World.

    Lucifer is a concept supported by a spirit of action that is supportive of vain selfish action, a Spirit that is to generate a Social World reputation of Fear, and obedience is to come from that Social World order in fear, to be created by those performing the action of Evil, in support and defense of the ambition so displayed by such a spirit that is coming from a Mind that is without the ability to have the Remorse of Guilt about anything evil that is done to gain notoriety in the Social World.

    Lucifer is a Human Being, a conceptual creation that describe a certain quality of Mind activity, and such a Mind of a Human Being is a Mind that is without Remorse and Guilt when performing action that delude and misinform others about the meaning and purpose of Life.

    Lucifer in plain words, is real, He/She is the Being that perform Evil in the world against other Beings, and do so, without the remorse or Guilt, and must be perceived as what Lucifer the Human Being has confessed to be, which is the Devil, Satan, the carrier and representative of a False Light.

    Such a light has been made to be the cover out from which God appears, and behind such a light, does God reside, so teach Lucifer.

    Lucifer is a Master Liar and Deceiver to the Mind of the World, and when on a journey to conquer the World Mind, which is a profane mind, which is a special and particular Mind, a mind of evil.

    Such an evil mind perform to do evil, shows to be of great precision and dedication to the evil performed by only a Mind of Lucifer of Lucifer caliber can perform.

    Lucifer the Devil and Satan, all being one and the same, revealing all sorts of Mental persuasion of Evil upon the world of a social conscious, that is created by the teaching and performance of Lucifer the Human Being.

    Lucifer knew that the first order to be established, is to be able to cause disorder in the way the world Mentally perform.

    So, it is the Black world that Lucifer knew he had to conquer such a Mind that was of Divine performance.

    So Lucifer the Human Being, he/she set out doing what they had perfected to be done, and that is to lie and deceive the world, the Black world in particular.

    Lucifer the Human Being convinced most of you Black people. that there is none who is of the Body life, that is perfect, and that all is born to lie and deceive each other.

    Lucifer the Human Being knew the Mental process so well, until he knew if successful in getting the world to believe that the Body Life is incapable of being and becoming perfect, and I use becoming with the Black world in Mind, because it was the Black World that Lucifer knew came to this planet wearing a Divine Mind that allowed such a world to perform in life Divinely, and only in Divinity there is the action of perfection.

    So that Devil, Satan, Lucifer, knowing if he is able to convince the Black World into believing, then the Black world must be made not to know, which require a change in the method of how the Mind is used to determine that which is Divinely True and Real to the Black Body Life.

    Lucifer knew in order for him the Human Being to be successful in conquering the world, it has to be the Black World that must Fall under his spell first, and when such a task is successfully completed, the outer World would become under the action of the domino effect, come tumbling under submission to the doctrine about life, as it is the teaching of Lucifer the Human Being.

    So, there is no wonder why it is that Black People operate under a psychotic spell that is caused by Lucifer the Human Being, and under such a spell, there is no sense of mind that inform you that Perfection in life, is attainable, and when you believe that none that is living has come from that once were perfect, nor has ever been perfect, then there is no incentive to become perfect.

    Because only ignorance of the Black Body life self, is the product from a profane Mind, and not a Divine Mind, one that have Black people to believe such, about Perfection, and the Black Body Life.

    You Black people, victim of Lucifer Religious Doctrine, which have you appealing to Lucifer, he using the concept of a God he created, a God he has created for you to believe in, and submit to.

    You then, when in submission to such a religious doctrine, you are defeated in all that you do in life, because all that you appear to accomplish in life, as has been so structured by Lucifer, such is under the command and profane order of Lucifer.

    So, what do you Black people do?

    Well most of us, we, when in want of something , we go to Lucifer , he who has become our God, and we take our Wants and complaints concerning our lives, to the very Mind that has created all that you make claim to want.

    You tell me that is suppose to solve the Black Body life discomfort, when such a procedure we have been conditioned to use in all of our Black Body lives, such a procedure has never brought back that Divine Mind sense of purpose to our Black Lives, a Divine purpose, which is something that will cause Freedom and Independence, and a cause for our lives sovereignty, in Divinity such will be the major focus of our Mind, and it never will be, as long as we operate under the influence of Lucifer the Human Being Mind.

    Now, do I expect you to receive this I am sharing with you, with a sense of Mind that give to you Humility?

    No, because operating under the influence of Lucifer Mind, all that is meaningful to Black people regaining our Divine Mind and the Freedom and Independence that goes with it, is only active in a Divine Mind, which will have you to go into Action to have you to know why Afrika is for the Afrikan, and why there is the Need For The Black Afrikan Nation To Become Reunited Again.

    Run, Run, Run Black Woman And Man, Run as fast as you can, away from Lucifer Religion, because that is the Virus acting as the Cancer preventing your Divine Mind from rising in your Black Body life, and the last Time I looked to see, there is no effort on the part of most Black people, to cure our Mind of such a Deadly Cancer impersonating Religion.

    You dislike that which I share with you and in the way that I share it, which is with a confidence of a knowledge that is grounded in the Divine Truth, like you never seen or heard before.

    So, what do you attempt to do, you make an effort to classify such Divine confidence that I reveal to you about that which I share with you, to be a negative.

    Because you believe that there is no Black Afrikan that is suppose to be so self assured about that which is being shared and is being done so without room for compromise.

    so what do most of you Black people do, well you label such knowing with confidence, information shared with the Divine truth, as being one of arrogance and pompous, all because of how Black people, most of us have been made to believe that there are myriads of Truths, when in fact, there is only One Divine Truth and Reality, all else that does not ride with Divine Experience, and Experience attributes are profound Reasoning, Rationality. and Logic, all in the motion of actual happening.

    All else happen to be a concoction of Lucifer the Human Being Mind, that which is grounded in the profanity of Lies and acts of Deception, the Mind path most Black people now travel.

    So, that is why Afrika is no more for the Afrikan, and the Black Nation is a Divided into Tribes Human Beings, we now who serve as a Diversion from Unity and prevent such to be for the Black Afrikan Nation.

    A Profane Mind Castrate A Divine Mind, which prevent you from knowing the difference of the Divine Truth, from A Profane Lie.

    Such Is The Illness we suffer from, by most of the Black Divided Tribal Nation, the weakness that prevent unity to be of a Black Unique people, now in search for nothing, only for what Lucifer expose you to.

    You have no idea whatsoever, how powerful a Divine Mind is, when in use by sensible Thinking Black people.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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