Black People : Loving our fellow Afrikans and The effect on NATION BUILDING

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    I was having a discussion with my closest, most respected partner about the subject of LOVING and UPLIFTING each other. Thier contention was that we dont spend enough time uplifting and loving AFRIKANS. I have long maintained that between the negativity in the Amerikkkan media and from our own folk one could almost not help thinking the worse. We ALL get bitten by this bug at one time or another. well, I am here to say that we all need to promote LOVE amongst our own, think POSITIVE, Keep our eye on the END GAME (which i submit is NATION BUILDING) and things will take care of themselves. Also, we MUST keep the NEGATIVITY of Religion, Classism and Tribalism OUT of our thought patterns. Oh, and we all must start to think about Pinky about as much as you would a stray Hamster! :number1::number1::number1: