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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, who is it that came up with such a required statement, To Love Everybody and for everybody to abide by and why is it that Black People believe such a statement is directed to us Black folks, when in fact our background is a Divine one, therefore causing us Black People to be eliminated from being the people that came up with the Love everybody instructed requirement.

    I am also reminded of other indications as to how People should behave toward each other, such as and I quote, we should forgive and get along with everybody, we should give to others freely that which we have that is in over abundance and here is the kicker, we should forget the past and believe in the Future, as if the present is irrelevant.

    Now in this present world, that is dominated with people that exhibit behaviors and attitudes that are infested with Lying, deceit, ego, envy, jealousy, and dishonesty, yet they are the very one that sight to you the various Mentality I have shared above that is indicated and should be the Mind we display and express toward each other.

    Now, this is what I just do not understand concerning all of that which I have just shared with you stating what we should do in our expression toward each other, why is it that Black people take the suggestion about Loving everybody, being charitable and kind and forgiving toward each other, as if it is a personal Demand coming down from God specifically to the Black World to comply with, why is that, concerning us Black Folks.

    Hell, Black People have not done anything wrong toward the outer World that require us to be seeking to prove our Love and devotion to, not until we Black People became the personified version of the Human Being did we take on the attitude and behavior of a Liar and a Deceiver, wearing all of the Mental behavior that show us up to have adopted the mental attitude and behavior of the Human Beings, expressing toward each other the selfish sting of vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy and dishonesty in our Life action today, as we have learned to disrespect our Past and do nothing to change our Presence and to look only toward a Time that is not, which we refer to as the Future.

    The Black World does not owe Love, Trust, and Forgiveness to anybody but unto ourselves, we have not done no wrong toward anybody but to ourselves, so if there is any Love we need to be showing to anybody, it is Love we need to show to the Black Self, because not until then, will we be able to show Love Trust and Respect to our Ancient Divine cosmic First Way Ancestors and in doing so, we show the same Mentality toward our other Level of Ancient Ancestors, those that fell victim as you and I, to the Lies and Deceit of the Human Being.

    So I ask of you Black People, why is it that we Black Folks, victims of our own suffering, why is it that we believe that we owe some Love, Trust, Respect to a World that has made our Life to be a Living Hell and we act as if we Black Folks are the Guilty party to the Evilness that now cover this Profane crooked world, this very world that came up with the notion that Love should be the order of the day, when in their evil Mind, such a decree does not apply to them, the Human Being I speak of, yes those people that have no respect for your Black Behind, yet you take to what they say about whom Love should be expressed to, more so than the author of such a suggestion, stating that we should Love Everybody.

    Tell me beloved, do you really believe, and I use believe with you because that is the level of Mentality you now operate upon, so do you really believe that White Folks of Power, Arabs Of Power, Jews of Power, really Love your Black Behind, I distinguish those Ethnics by level of Power because they are the people that create the attitude and behavior for their respective ethnic members and the World in general, toward the Black World, so I ask of you again, in more specific and general term, do you Black People really believe that the world Love your Black Behind and if your reply is yes, then we are the Biggest **** Fool of all that dwell upon this Planet.

    Now, allow me to share with you why I make such a definite statement about us Black People, if the World really do have Love, Respect, and Trust for the Black World, then we would not be running all over Black Afrika trying to put out the Evil that is invested in that devilish virus referred to as HIV/Aids, we would not be the most Lowly Nation upon this Planet, a Nation that has a Divine Reality of once Living A Civilized Life that exceed any Civilized Living today, we would not be living in such a Poverty Life state, we would not be confused about What God Is, The Divine Meaning of the Universe, we would not be ignorant of whom we Black Folks are, we would have no reason to demand Reparation, we would not have abandon our Children, we would not be taking on somebody else identity, they being responsible for our Present Life condition today upon this Planet, we would not show reverence to Tribalism, Blood Sacrifice to idol gods, and Human Being Witchful Devilishness, we would not marvel in our divisiveness, we would not be showing a sign of Guilt for the way the Human Being behave toward us Black People and we most certainly would not be believing that we have a responsibility to Love those that have deceived us and spitefully used us Black People.

    Such a behavior coming from Black People, toward and about those people with a History of abusing and oppressing Black People, clearly demonstrate what a big **** Fool we Black People have become in this evil world, yet you have the audacity to become angry when the Divine Truth is shared with you concerning our present state of Mentality, which in no way resemble the quality of Mind the Black World was in possession of before the coming of Evil into our House ?

    This Human Being, they that tell you that you must Love everybody and forgive those that have deceived you and to hate not that which has been a Liar and Deceiver toward your Black Behind, they that now have you Black People to believe that it is and I quote, " more Blessed to give than to receive ", there is nothing more Blessed than to receive Justice and Divine Love and Trust with Respect, none of those principle values are extended toward the Black World, yet we go running around this evil world attempting to give Love and Trust, with Respect, to a world that does not reciprocate it back to your Black behind and the proof of that which I share with you is Divinely True, is the present state of the Black World Mind, which reveal the present Life Living Condition of the Black World collectively today.

    Beloved, if the World really do Love Black People, then there would be no need to convince the world of the Honor in paying Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors and not until then, will I change my view of this crazy evil Human Being World, the world that really despise Black People, yet through their Hypocrisy they have succeeded in again deceiving the Black World about what they Think of us Black People, yet we strive every day to prove to the Human Being how much we Black Folks Love them, while we have done nothing of harm toward them, while we get none of that Love back from them, they who have done all of the harm toward us Black People.

    To Love someone is to Trust and Respect that someone and to Love, Trust, and Respect that someone, then you have no problem in honoring the Right of that Someone to have Freedom, To Be Independent, enjoy the Sovereign of Life, and to have the Divine Right to enter the Gate of Justice, such Love, Honor, and Respect, the White, Arab, Jewish World does not have for the Black World, and that is why we have become a **** Fool, striving to Love someone that does not Love you with the same intensity as you do of them and the proof that the world do not Love us Black People, is the position that the World take on Reparation, the Ark of our Savior and you Black Folks can not understand that, or is it that you now are incapable of understanding that, because of the quality of Mind you now wear, it having you Black People feeling guilty for your own victimization at the hand of those with a History of Hating the Black World, they demonstrating such, by the way that they continue to act and behave toward the collective Black World, yet we Black Folks find ways to excuse the Devil for the way they act and behave toward Afrika and the Black World.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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