Black People : Loving and Hating Hollywood

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    Its 2012, but Hollywood still thinks that Black Movies have no market. They believe that African Americans do not support their own so why should the money people in Hollywood, who are primarily white, invest in black movies. They think this because they do not see African American communities gather around their artists or support their projects. Hollywood is filled with accountants deciding what will sell and what wont. Without black people behind the scenes, directing, producing and filming their voice does not count in Hollywood. Actresses of color are finding few to no meaty roles. Those that rise to the top are partnered with a white co-star because these white accountants do not hear the voice of the people therefore believe that no one wants to see black movies.

    Actress CiCi Foster talks about roles for women of color in Hollywood and the lack thereof. She gives good advice to young aspiring artists as to what to expect once they get to Hollywood in hopes of following their dreams.