Black Poetry : Love's Respect

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    If you love the way you love,
    then let me step back,
    reroute stepping back into mine,
    mine has more to come,
    you got yours but I'm not peeping,
    totally focused on the next season reapings,
    as the fall predicts winters seasoned,
    to resurrect springs down south,
    of this part of the globe,
    though knowing near the equator,
    is the place where everything grows,
    so eye respect your check,
    in your game of life,
    without playing it,
    eye got many more moves,
    without reality displaying them,
    eye work hard when I'm at rest,
    controlling my so called dreams,
    building the next after next,
    then eyes peel back remembering,
    what was built to step into what was built,
    the foresight is dangerous equipped as my strap,
    so yes I respect you fore what you do,
    but I can't be faded sea...
    swimming in the love eye created formlessly,
    you will drown you absolutely guaranteed,
    so yes eye respect you,
    with love's respect.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2