Black Poetry : Love's Rejection

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    Often loves do not cannot communicate,
    one might reject their true love,
    fore the understanding of a conversation,
    an intellectual conversation to find holes,
    nooks and crannies with hooks,
    no confidence of true beauty from within,
    and often love's rejection sets in.

    I can tell you from first hand experience,
    we second guess ourselves,
    though the feeling is mutual,
    might be too far to be reached,
    cause of too deep to be seen,
    yet so close of attraction,
    the attraction pulls you involuntary,
    you like it,
    then you love it,
    discovering what is called,
    the sexually feeling of becoming One,
    and not the intercourse of organs per say,
    but the spiritual grand la la loves of ah nu.

    You fight the feeling,
    then scene after scene of past,
    plus what your older folks says,
    and the young expresses,
    how nature evolve,
    of loving one another peacefully,
    soul within soul,
    just to be selfish and confused,
    hurting inside deeply of guiltiness,
    the maybes and knots,
    could have been and family baby plots,
    searching fore the right one,
    but the right one in search is not well at all,
    in fact in need of deep loving to their core,
    to remove love's rejection completely evermore.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2