Black Poetry : Love's Pain

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    We escalate sorrow's vision,
    and deepen our empathy simultaneously,
    when wandering about of love,
    of why they love me sown much until it hurts?
    How are they doing this to a point,
    where it does knot to not think about them,
    emotion of them,
    be one with them,
    while in the physical be next to them...
    it hurts to know that some loves you that much,
    beyond your own understanding,
    without agenda,
    but just true love,
    and you wish to give the same back,
    yet and still the reception of love unheard of,
    blocks out the action of giving,
    thus pulling in more loves,
    as healing is needed on a spontaneous basis,
    and to be expected in doses,
    or an fatal overdose results,
    or maybe withdrawal symptoms,
    unable to cope with being loved to an extreme,
    without aggression or passiveness,
    but just back to back in your eyes,
    melt you like every day is your surprise,
    creating a whirlwind of memories every moment,
    from the photo album of love's pain.

    by: Nefertum Husia Shayheh from the BLAQ: Inkompletion vol. 2