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Mar 30, 2001
Love's Imagination

Is Love just imagined
An un-reality
Feelings not yet endured
surrealistic pillow dreams
tickling my mind
with it's pleasure feathers.
Is Love just imagined
A mirage
A thirst in my deserted heart
Whetting my soul
Becoming a river
Of still waters.
Is Love just imagined
Inhaled breaths
Of sweet spoken words
Digesting every syllable
wrapped in the vowels.
Is Love just imagined
the blurred reality
Of feelings endured
On sleepless nights
When the clanging alarm clock
wakes you from Love's slumber.
Thanks Heartbeat, still working on it...

Love's imagination
crystal clear
awakened from the darkness
the ones that held me so tight
comforted me, supported me
crack of dawn showed me
clearly the mind's game.
Love's imagination
sends you soaring
higher than flown before
exploring beyond the boundaries
being comforted by the clouds
perhaps even blinded before
by the sun's brightness.
Love's imagination
Intoxicating as chocolate
making you crave
it's smoothness, sweetness
devouring more than healthy amounts
now just melted fascinations.


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