Black Poetry : Love's Final Stand

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
there is an opening in my heart that will light a simple spark to what we need to know

nestled in the very fabric of man's existence is used to shun the resistance at every circumstance...

Among the garbage and the flowers
There are heroes in the seaweed
There are children in the morning

feathers flown by angelic beings taunt the very fabrication of my inner minds eye

as I look deep into her penetrating eyes it is only then i could see our future

filled up with hope and love for a better tommorow amidst the pain & sorrow

shadows block the vortex in the brightness of the pupil in my eye

come with me to the garden

alone and chosen to appear

lavender base with a hook in the air

baby's breath permeates the stream of moss left on the cobblestone square

left mesmorized through all those twisted lies does it come at any big enough surprise

love has gained it also has lost through one forbiddens soul that was tossed

onto the forbidden sea nestled in its tranquility in our make believe

marked the one willing to achieve the best out of sullen brevity

the foretaste of whats to become in all of kingdom come it can't be undone

Caviar, wine & cheese

start spreading love's disease

got to be in the move to catch you in the grove

pulls your heart in many directions amidst its aniquated affections

philosophers, intellectuals & average Joes

each of us can embrace loves torn embrace not some Peyton Place from outer space

you can meet me halfway above the sky toward are destined reason why

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